The minor league has a raise! The annual salary is half of the monthly salary of the middle vocational foreigner | Sports |

Reporter Xiao Baoxiang / Comprehensive Report

The U.S. Major League Baseball is well-known for the low salaries of minor leagues. “SPORTING NEWS” reporter Ryan Fagan reported in mid-February that minor league salaries will increase in 2021, but the 3A players did not make the 40-man roster, and the annual salary was only 14,700. US dollars (about NT $ 444,246), which is about half of the monthly salary of the Taiwanese Chinese Professional Baseball (CPBL) foreign generals.

▲ Jiang Shaoqing has not made a 40-man roster in the minor league in 8 years. (Data photo/Photographed by reporter Liu Yanchi)

The report pointed out that the weekly salary for low-level or high-level 1A increased from 290 to 500, 2A increased from 350 to 600, and 3A increased from 502 to US$700. MiLB was cancelled last year due to the epidemic and shortened to 21 after the season resumed in 2021. week.

From this calculation, the annual salary of 1A players is 15,000, 2A is 12,600 U.S. dollars, and 3A is 14,700.

According to the agreement between MLB and the Players’ Union (MLBPA), if a minor league player enters the list of 40 people, the minimum guaranteed salary in the first year will rise to 46,000 and in the second year it will rise to 93,000 US dollars. Of course, free contract players can negotiate by themselves. Different salary.

This article also compares the salary gap between Major League Baseball and other minor league programs. MiLB is indeed much lower.

For example, the NBA’s Development League (G-League) has a minimum salary of $35,000, and the NHL’s AHL is 52,000. The U.S. minor leagues are less than half. The low salary continues to be discussed by the American media. Hope the MLB team More protection of the livelihood of minor league players.

▲The cancellation of the minor league season last year affected the livelihoods of many baseball players. Left-hander Dillon Overton chose to play in Taiwan. (Data photo/Photographed by reporter Liu Yanchi)

Regardless of whether it is a local or a foreign national, the salary of professional baseball in Taiwan has been violently trending in recent years. Only one foreign player who came to CPBL this year has a monthly salary of less than 20,000 US dollars. For “4A players” who are over 27 years old but unable to make regular matches in the major leagues, the Asian professional baseball treatment is very attractive.