“The mirrors have melted”: a trying summer of fires for firefighters’ equipment

Everyone is already planning for next season. The challenge is to restore the entire park for March. The intense pace of recent weeks is therefore not about to slow down. “Since July, we have been close to 300 tires, where last summer, we were more around 50”, admits a mechanic. On the budget side, it is necessary to count 1200 euros per tire. As for the truck, it costs 340,000 euros. For the Departmental Council, which finances the firefighters and their equipment, it is still too early to assess the cost of this summer. But a few weeks ago, its president, Jean-Luc Gleyze, admitted he was concerned.

“We will have to scrape the drawer funds, in particular from the department. It is obviously a concern for us to know what is the reality of what we are going to have to pay, in addition to what the Sdis budget is today And then there is also the question of the future: will it be necessary to acquire other means?