Screenshot of a video of the pilot of the aircraft – Youtube screenshot

Three weeks after the crash of the plane that killed Emiliano Sala – whose body had been drafted last week – the pilot of David Ibbotson can not be found and a new kitten was started to expand the search.

His family – his wife Nora and his daughter – spoke in front of the cameras of the ITV channel. "We know he's dead, we know it, but we just want to bring him back, we can not leave it there until we've tried everything possible."

"We want to tell you that we had this last review"

At the moment, the kitten, in which Kylian Mbappé has participated, is 170,000 euros. The guard The amount required for the resumption of research is estimated at around EUR 342 000.

"I know the conditions are not ideal, I know the sea is dangerous, but we want to tell you that we had this last review," Nora Ibbotson concluded.


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