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The MNAC will close this Thursday "for security" for the participation of Felipe VI | Catalonia

"Conducting a coordination meeting, in the field of security, on the occasion of the visit of S. M. el Rey to Catalonia to preside over the gala dinner of the Logistics Nit and the delivery ceremony of the SIL Awards, and carried out risk analysis by the police bodies, it has been agreed to request the management of the National Museum of Art of Catalonia (MNAC) so that the facilities of the aforementioned museum remain closed during the day of June 27, 2019. " That is the brief note that the MNAC has sent to make known that the first Catalan museum will be closed all this Thursday "for security" in the presence of Felipe VI in the Nit de la Logística.

The event is celebrated on the occasion of the 21st edition of the SIL Barcelona, ​​logistics, transport, intralogistics and Supply Chain fair that takes place between Wednesday and Friday at the Fira Barcelona de Montjuïc site. According to sources of the museum the room was rented "for months" and although it was known "for a few days" that the monarch would attend the dinner, it was "yesterday at noon (on Tuesday) when they told us to close" From the museum they assure that the closing is "exceptional" and that the "rent of spaces for a private act can never interfere with the activity of the museum", as stipulated in the rental contract.

The dinner, in which the SIL Awards will be given to the companies that have most stood out in the field of logistics and transport in 2018, will be held in the oval room of 1,600 square meters and capacity for banquets and gala dinners. 1,200 people.

"It is an excess of zeal", have assured from the Ministry of Culture directed by Mariàngela Vilallonga. "It has not taken into account the need to make compatible the security of the act with the usual activity of the museum," said department sources, present in the direction of the museum, along with the Ministry of Culture and the City of Barcelona . The counselor regretted that no "alternative proposal would be accepted that would allow the museum to open its doors normally on Thursday morning" and would close sufficiently in advance to allow all the required security measures to be applied.

According to data from 2018, last year the museum visited a daily average of 2,442 people; a figure that they confirm from the museum since last Thursday there were some 3,000 who entered the National Palace. It also confirms the museum that has been canceled for tomorrow the guided tour of 11 groups of people. The normal entrance price, without discounts, is 12 euros, so the maximum daily income would be about 36,000 euros in a day. In 2014 the amount to rent this space was 18,000 euros (after downloading it from 22,000 euros).

The presence in Barcelona of Felipe VI always has strong security measures, something very different from what happens in other cities. In Madrid, last Monday the 24th Felipe VI attended the inauguration in El Prado of the exhibition Velázquez, Rembrandt, Vermeer. Related views. at all times the museum was full of visitors and only one of the rooms where the official ceremony was held was dislodged with the presence also of the Minister of Culture, José Guirao.

The one of tomorrow will be the second time in less than six months that the museum closes its doors for security before the presence of the monarch in an act. In February it was for the inauguration gala of the Mobile World Congress that was attended by the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, and the mayor, Ada Colau, who dined at the same table as Felipe VI, but they were absent for a moment to avoid participate in the formal greeting to the head of the State upon his arrival at the event.

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