The mobile market is looking for promotions in Ramadan

The mobile market is looking for promotions in Ramadan

Welcome to all the site visitors today Easily through our website today your way to know the most important and latest news and the largest library of Arab news sources, we offer you news, Mobile phone subscribers are waiting for the offers of Ramadan telecommunications companies to benefit from them and enjoy their competitive advantages, especially that companies are trying to exploit these promotions and services in attracting the largest possible number of user segments, especially youth, the largest consumer of Internet and mobile services in the Egyptian market. The number of subscribers to the four telecom companies reached about 104 million mobile subscribers while the number of Internet users reached more than 36 million users. The Ramadan race for mobile service offerings is competing for 4 networks for the first time after having been limited to only three operators for 11 years. The Egyptian company for mobile services “WE” has entered after officially launching the Egyptian market at the end of September. Talaat Omar, former head of data transmission at the Egyptian Telecommunications Company, revealed that the mobile companies’ offers during the month of Ramadan are one of the promotional opportunities that contribute to attracting new user segments thanks to the competitive advantages of these offers. Talat said in a special statement to the “People of Egypt” that these offers contribute to the revival of the market movement by not less than 25% where the mobile subscribers expect a seasonal, adding that the companies have marketing teams study the state of the market to identify the most important needs of the user and what is attracted to its services Offers are launched. And on the fake offers of mobile companies during some seasons and events Omar stressed that any company can not do so because it is under the control of the consumer protection device and the national apparatus to regulate communications if it happened and informed a user to lie to offer it would only be forwarded to the prosecution and investigate the incident as companies are committed to the sanctions list By the “Organization of Communications” The former director of data transmission in Telecom Egypt ruled out the occurrence of the problem completely, stressing that all the companies operating in the Egyptian market can not do so not to affect the credibility of the market and then form a negative image to earn the reputation.

Dr. Hamdi Al-Leithi, Chairman of the Communications Committee of the Information Technology Industry Chamber, said that the mobile companies’ offers will witness fierce competition after the entry of a fourth operator to the mobile market, adding that this will add burdens and tasks to the companies that will try to differentiate with the users. Al-Leithi said in a special statement to Ahl Misr that the launching of Ramadan offers and other events and events does not carry the companies any additional material and operational costs, especially with the low price of some operators for less than 12 piasters, as well as the prices of Internet units of 50 GB and less. Al-Leithi added that the prices of bouquets is a great example. If companies were to incur losses from their base, they are obligations in the light of market competition. Al-Leithi cited that the selling strategies are multiple in the market, including “selling a lot at a small price that increases the profit”. He explained that this may represent the basic methodology of the mobile companies in the Egyptian market, especially with the Egyptian user’s desire to use the phone, whether telephone calls or internet networks. Especially in the shadow of the Ramadan season, which is characterized by certain rituals and beliefs of the Egyptians, forcing companies to exploit in the constant communication of mobile services. A source at the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) revealed that the agency’s responsibility is limited to approving the offers submitted by the four companies in the Egyptian market, stressing that the device often confirms the non-submission of offers that may harm competition, burning prices or lowering prices. The source added to the “Ahl-Misr” that the device asked the mobile companies to provide a detailed explanation of their promotions for customers during the month of Ramadan, especially in light of the complaint of a large number of mobile subscribers of the low quality of services provided by operators in the Egyptian market. We thank you to visitors of the day to browse our site and in case you have any inquiry about this news Mobile Market looking for popular Ramadan offers please let us know or leave a comment below
Source: The people of Egypt

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