The model’s hair fell from the breast implant in lumps

A serious syndrome of New Zealand influenza developed after implantation.

Sarah Harrist 2.3 million follow Instagram. The model has already appeared on Playboy, among others; now, however, he was not in the papers because of his work.

The 29-year-old New Zealand flu has removed his breast implants – and is trying to dissuade everyone from breast augmentation.

An article in the New Zealand Herald reveals that Harris had a benign lump removed from his chest at the age of 21; after surgery, her breasts became asymmetrical in size, so in 2017, she underwent plastic surgery in Thailand.

Her body protested almost immediately: Sarah’s hair began to fall in clumps, her body filled with rashes, and chronic fatigue settled on her: many times she could barely get out of bed for days. Due to the constant fatigue associated with “breast implant disease”, her partner described her as follows:

A 29-year-old woman in an 89-year-old body.

The model felt she had gained an almost new identity from the plastic surgery, so she denied for a long time that her symptoms were related to the breast implant, but after visiting an excellent surgeon, studies showed that Harris had severe inflammation in both breasts.

Eventually, the implants were removed during five hours of surgery, and Sarah got better almost immediately. He says he feels like he’s finally getting a breath of air. For the sake of a photo, he wrote on his body all the symptoms he thought the presence of a breast implant had caused him.


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