The modern man would be out of Africa earlier than thought



“archaeologists israelis have found the remains of a jaw and a human age of about 200 000 years in a cave of mount Carmel. A discovery that, according to them, will change what we know of the evolution and movement of our species”, announces the Haaretz on the eve of its formalisation – through the publication of the work in the journal Science on January 26.

the age of The fossil suggests that Homo sapiens (modern man) was present in the Middle East there are approximately 180 000 years ago, 50,000 years earlier than what was imagined up to now. To the extent, accurate Nature, the scientists do not know if these fossils correspond to “a brief incursion or an expansion is more sustainable for the species”.

This discovery takes into account those of June, which revealed that the modern man was old, of 300 000 years, 100 000 years later than was commonly assumed.


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