The Montagut Group begins work on the Llutxent plant for the production of biogas and organic fertilizers from digestates

The Montagut group promotes two waste management projects with digestion, composting and thermal treatment technologies in Llutxent (Vall d’Albaida) and Almansa (Albacete), which will treat more than 450,000 tons of waste and produce more than 80 GWh of biomethane, in addition to organic fertilizers.

The Integrated Pollution Control Commission of the Generalitat Valenciana has granted the Montagut group the Integrated Environmental Authorization for the production of biofertilizers by treating digestates at its plant in Llutxent (Valencia), where it is currently carrying out composting work , production of solid fertilizers and waste classification.

With this environmental authorization, the Montagut group will treat up to 129,000 tons of waste at its Llutxent plant, including brine, leachate, organic waste for both anaerobic digestion and direct composting, as well as vegetable and wood waste; which, together with the treatment capacity of the Almansa plant, pending obtaining the Integrated Environmental Authorization, will allow this managing group to treat a total of 450,000 tons of waste and the consequent production of 80 GWh of biomethane.

Gabriel Montagut, director of the Montagut group, explained that “in 2017 we proposed the improvement and expansion of our Llutxent facility, through the implementation of a biomethanization process or anaerobic digestion of organic waste, a treatment of organic liquids through concentration technologies and an improvement of the aerobic treatment process by composting”.

As of today, with the obtaining of the environmental authorization, “we take a giant step forward with this project that proposes an ambitious program for the production of organic fertilizers, from the digestates, which will be in a position to receive the ecological certification, In addition, the biogas obtained will be used for self-consumption in order to produce heat to supply the plant’s evaporator.

The treatment of digestates, leachates and brines will be carried out using the latest technologies and with absolute respect for the environment, which will even allow the production of purified water suitable for direct discharge into public watercourses, as evidenced by the fact that this project has obtained authorization from the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation to do so.

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The works will begin at the end of this month of September 2022 and the new plant is expected to be fully operational in mid-2023.

Montagut Organic Fertilizers is a family business dedicated to the management of non-hazardous organic waste and the production of organic fertilizers. “Our origins -Gabriel Montagut explained- date back to 2003, when the company considered the implementation of an Organic Sludge and Green Waste Treatment Plant in Llutxent and our present is now focused on these two projects which, in addition to the production of renewable gas, provide a complete solution to the management of agricultural and agro-industrial waste, transforming digestates and other organic by-products into high-value fertilizers”.