The mortgage firm soars to levels of twelve years ago and prices are close to those of the real estate boom | Present


The signing of mortgages in Malaga skyrockets to 2010 levels, although the amount of loans is close to those reached during the real estate bubble of 2008.

Specifically, in April, 2,160 mortgages were signed in this province for a total value of close to 456 million euros. In the first four months, 10,422 mortgage loans have been established in Malaga, the highest figure since 2010 when 12,851 mortgages were signed in the same period, albeit still far from the 19,312 that were signed in the first four months of the year 2008 in full real estate boom.

In this financial year, 2,520 more mortgages have been signed than in the same period last year and 3,902 more than six years ago.

But if the number of loans increases, the amount of these increases even more.

Of the total mortgages signed until April in Malaga, 7,914 were on homes for an average amount of 172,367 euros.

In just one year, the mortgage debt for each home in Malaga has increased by 13,195 euros, 42,950 euros is what has increased in five years and is already close to the amount of mortgages in the real estate boom of 2008 when the average of a mortgage on housing was at 173,384 euros, after the real estate bubble burst, the following year the average amount of mortgage loans fell 46,000 euros.

That in full rise of the Euribor, the reference index for mortgage loans, which is currently at 1.1 percent while in 2008 it was close to five percent