The mortgage is now 3% more expensive on average in the province

One in five euros of the disposable income of the average household in the province goes to pay a mortgage. That is the annual theoretical effort made by Ciudad Real families, according to the latest report on local markets prepared by Tinsa and corresponding to the third quarter of this year 2022.

This effort translates into a mortgage letter that is around 370 euros per month in the province, which is not precisely one of the highest in the country. Only those mortgaged in Lugo, Jaén and Cuenca pay less, although that monthly fee has become more expensive so far this year, in the midst of a sprint rise in the Euribor.

Based on these data from Tinsa, the money paid by Ciudad Real citizens is already three percent more than what they paid at the beginning of the year. The monthly fee, on average in the province, was 356 euros and now it is 370.

This evolution occurs in a market, the provincial one, which continues to be among the cheapest in Spain. The first, Ciudad Real, with an average price per square meter of 723 euros; followed by two neighboring provinces: Cuenca and Jaén. On the opposite side, Madrid. There the square meter costs four times more, 2,821 euros. Prices, moreover, continue to be 35% cheaper than when they hit the ceiling, with an average increase of barely 3%.

That reality also extends to the capital market. The most expensive capitals maintain relative positions quarter after quarter with few changes and are San Sebastián (€3,959/m2), Barcelona (€3,599/m2) and Madrid (€3,528/m2), followed at some distance by Bilbao and Palma de Mallorca . The cheapest are located in Castilla y León and Castilla La Mancha, and are Zamora (€1,018/m2), Ciudad Real (€1,042/m2) and Soria (€1,044/m2).

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