The most beautiful mom-son moments from Princess Diana’s life

princess Diana would celebrate her 60th birthday on July 1st, on this occasion we collected her most beautiful moments she spent with her sons The Queen of Hearts was never afraid to show her love, so she was always extra direct with William and Harry in public. What is your favorite picture of them?

1991 – Canada

This is one of the most famous photos that Princess Diana greets her sons. Prince Charles and His Majesty were just on a trip to Canada, and the boys only joined them later. At the time, it was not at all customary for the royal family to show any emotion in public, but Diana did not hesitate, running with a wide smile on her face, arms outstretched in front of her children.

Getty Images/Princess Diana Archive

1982 – London

When Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s first child, Prince William, was born, the whole world celebrated. As usual, a baptism was held, and this was recorded by a photographer. Unfortunately, little William was fussy that day, crying a lot, so Diana put her little finger in her mouth, reassuring her. The queen and mother queen were completely upset at this pull, thought it indecent. The fans, on the other hand, really loved the princess at that time.

Princess Diana little finger

Getty Images/Mirrorpix

1993 – Thorpe Park

In 1993, Princess Diana took her sons to the UK’s most famous theme park, Thorpe Park, which the three of them really enjoyed. They are so sweet in this photo, right?

Diana and kids adventure park

Getty Images/Julian Parker

1995 – Switzerland

The royal family is very fond of skiing, and Princess Diana was no exception. In 1995, for example, they traveled to Switzerland, although it was only later that Prince Charles joined them. Neither of them were bored, in fact, the picture on the lift reveals that they were having a great time.

Diana and kids on ski lift

Getty Images/Mirrorpix

1989 – Sicily

The queen of hearts was really in every party, if her sons wanted to try something, they could always count on her. In 1989, for example, they were just vacationing in Tresco, when little William thought he would love to ride a big one in the city. Lady Di immediately complied with her wish, this was captured in this cute bike photo.

Diana and Vilmos ride bikes

Getty Images/PA Images

1987 – Spain

In the summer of 1987, the British Royal Family received an invitation from the Spanish Royal Family for a short holiday. Of course, Charles and Diana took the boys on the road with them. During the days they spent there, the picture below was taken, in which Diana is trying to show Prince Harry, who is still toddler, how to caress a puppy. Of course, the prince’s attention was not easy to capture, he wanted to take a close look at everything else. It would be nice to see pictures of Archie like that, right?

Diana and Harry are petting a dog

Getty Images/Princess Diana Archive

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