The most beautiful photo of each province of Spain

If we say that Spain is rich in natural, monumental and cultural heritage, we are not discovering anything new. We have many charming places where you can get an indelible memory. We are going to travel through all the provinces of Spain and we leave you our proposal of where you can take the most beautiful photo in each one of them.


From the province of AlmeriaWe have chosen the Mediterranean Sea and the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, which represent one of the most sought-after views by travelers.

Among the wonderful beaches it has Cádiz, we are left with the panoramic view of the beach from the dune of Bologna.

In the province of Córdoba it is difficult to be left alone with one enclave, but its wonderful mosque cathedral it’s hard to beat.

If it is difficult to compete with corners bathed by the sea, do it against a monument like The Alhambra of Granada it is impossible. The San Nicolás viewpoint offers one of the places where you can take the best panoramic views.

Doñana National Park is the chosen corner of the province of Huelva, one of the most important nature reserves in Europe.

The sea of Jaén It is not made of water, it is made of olive trees. The millions of trees from which olive oil comes occupy a good part of the province, leaving spectacular images.

From Málaga we stay with Ronda, the gash that divides the city in two and the bridge that bridges the distance in one of the most international images of the city.

Of the most photographed corners of Sevilla, its Spain Square, where all the provinces of Spain are represented.

Ronda, Malaga


On Huesca we find the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and includes a set of four valleys at the foot of the Pyrenees.

In the province of TeruelWe stayed with Albarracín, one of the most beautiful and most visited towns in the entire country.

The Stone Bridge with the Basilica del Pilar in the background is one of the most photographed images of Zaragoza.

Albarracín (Teruel) (bigstock)


Sea, mountains, cliffs, fishing villages, beaches … Difficult to choose between all the corners of Asturiasbut who has not gone through Cangas de Onís and do not have a photo is your beautiful Roman bridge? Nobody.

Roman Bridge Cangas de Onis


The Magdalena Palace and its environment is one of the most photographed places in Cantabria. From there you can see beautiful views of the bay of Santander.

La Magdalena Palace in Santander

Castilla la Mancha

On Albacete You cannot miss the Lagunas de Ruidera and enjoy its lakes and walks.

Campo de Criptana and its windmills are the protagonists of many of the photos of the province of Real city.

The Hanging Houses of the city of Cuenca It is one of the most immortalized prints.

When one is immersed in the lavender fields of Brihuega, in GuadalajaraYou might think you have traveled to Italian Tuscany or French Provence. And no, in Spain we have this wonder of nature.

The view of the city of Toledo from the viewpoint of the Parador is the most famous photograph of the city of La Mancha.

Ruidera lagoons

Castile and Leon

On Ávila, its walls are an essential visit, either at the foot of the wall or from the top of its battlements, the photo that you take as a souvenir is spectacular.

From Burgos we are left with one of the most beautiful towns in Spain: Castle Orbaneja and the waterfalls in the middle of its streets.

Las Médulas, in LionThey are one of the most spectacular landscapes in Spain.

South of the province of Palencia, we find Ampudia, a beautiful Palencia town, which is part of the attractive region of Tierra de Campos

The Plaza Mayor of Salamanca It is one of the most harmonious and beautiful in our country.

Attached to the name of the city of Segovia, There is no surprise if we talk about its Aqueduct. Specifically, its most famous viewpoint: El Postigo del Consuelo. It is next to Aqueduct.

The Urbión Black Lagoon It is the most photographed place in the province of Soria. Surrounded by mystery and in a spectacular setting, it is a place that you cannot miss.

It is difficult to choose a point of Valladolid, but we are going to stay with Peñafiel and its spectacular castle, from where you can see part of the vineyards and wineries of the Ribera del Duero.

The Cathedral of Zamora and the Douro River at his feet is one of the most beautiful photographs that you can take as a souvenir.

Castle Orbaneja


Surely, when thinking of a photo of Barcelona think of the Sagrada Familia. But if you want to see one of the coolest views of the city, the Bunkers del Carmel are the best option. You will surely discover corners that you had not appreciated before.

The coast of Girona it is full of charming towns and wonderful beaches. Among them, Cadaqués, one of the most beautiful and photographed towns.

The castle-cathedral of Lleida It is the most spectacular monument in the city, with a 60-meter bell tower.

The Monument to the Castellers is a bronze sculpture that we can photograph in the center of Tarragona.


Valencian Community

The night view of the Castle of Santa Bárbara, in AlicanteIt is one of the most beautiful images in the city.

Castellón It offers us many beautiful corners, but we are left with the view of the castle of Peñíscola.

The Albufera of Valencia it is one of the most beautiful natural places in the Mediterranean. Visiting it by boat at sunset is spectacular.

Albufera Valencia


The Roman theater of Mérida, on Badajoz, is one of the most photographed monuments in Spain.

If there is an ideal time to visit Cáceres, that’s February and March, when the cherry trees of the Jerte valley are in full bloom.

Valle del Jerte cherry blossoms


On A Coruña we are left with Santiago de Compostela and its cathedral, which receives millions of pilgrims from all over the world every year.

If there is a place in Lugo that attracts visitors who do not cease to immortalize the moment, that is the Las Catedrales beach.

In the Monte Comunal de A Teixugueira, in Ourense, the Cartelle Quarry is hidden, famous for its turquoise waters.

In the province of Pontevedra, we are going to the Atlantic Ocean to enter the wonderful Cies Island.

Cíes Islands (Pontevedra)

Balearic islands

It is very difficult to choose just one spot on the Balearic Islands, but there is no doubt that the deep turquoise blue waters of Cala Turqueta are one of the most photographed sights in Menorca.

Cala Turqueta Menorca

Canary Islands

From Las Palmas we stay with the Corralejo beach in Fuerteventura, from where you can also see, and photograph, the island of Lobos.

From the province of Santa Cruz of Tenerife we highlight its volcanoes. La Palma and the Cumbre Vieja volcano, on which all eyes have been on for a few weeks and which is undoubtedly the most photographed, have taken away all the prominence from Teide.

La Palma volcano: the lava is located just over a kilometer and a half from the coast, and it continues to advance.  Photo: Europa Press

The Rioja

Closely linked to wine, the most beautiful photos of The Rioja We can find them among vineyards and wineries, especially during the month of October, after the harvest, when the vine leaves change color.

La Rioja Vineyards


Full of corners where to take pictures, of Madrid we keep his slice of Egypt. The Temple of Debod offers one of the most beautiful sunsets.

What is the reason why the Temple of Debod is in Madrid


Being autumn, we cannot recommend another place more than the Irati Forest, in Navarra, the second largest beech forest in Europe, after the Black Forest in Germany.

selva irati

Basque Country

The Plaza de la Virgen Blanca is the meeting place in Vitoria, Araba. It is located between the Old Town and the Ensanche and is surrounded by white houses.

Difficult to choose just one site, but San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, located in Bermeo (Bizkaia), is undoubtedly one of the most photogenic places in the Basque Country.

In the capital of GipuzkoaIn San Sebastián, we find one of the most famous sculptures by Eduardo Chillida and we don’t have to go into any museum. Its about Comb of the Wind.

San Juan De Gaztelugatxe: The essentials of the Basque Country

Murcia region

The Cathedral of Santa Maria It is a symbol of the city of Murcia. It combines Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles and has the second tallest tower in Spain. You find it in the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga.

Cathedral of Santa Maria Murcia