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The most brutal reviews for Bohemian Rhapsody so far

When 20th Century Fox announced plans for a biopic about the legendary rock band Queen, with a special focus on eccentric frontman Freddie Mercury, many people shouted "Galileo!" sheer joy. After replacing Sacha Baron Cohen, who was originally supposed to portray Mercury, he fell out when he did not see with the living members of Queen in the exaggerated and evil way he wanted to approach the role. With Mr. Robot Actor Rami Malek, Fox unleashed Bohemian Rhapsody to the masses on 2 November.

When the film opened its metaphorical mouth to rip out its songs and stories, it hit a few flat notes.

For some, Bohemian Rhapsody was not a killer queen and felt more like a bunch of Radio Gaga than a rock and roll stroll on a musical biopics. While the majority of viewers enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody Good enough – if you do not consider it as a great movie, but at least entertaining, and give the lead actor Malek a proverbial standing ovation for his "transcendent and Oscar-worthy" performance – many critics have published brutal reviews of the film.

Here's just a taste of the toughest reactions Bohemian Rhapsody,

Indie WireDave Erlich argued that even Malek's "temperamental" performance as Mercury could not save the "royal embarrassing", "broad, frivolous and uselessly formulaic" queen biopic of director Bryan Singer.

"Without Rami Malek's ferocious attitude as one of rock's biggest frontlines, a deep list of killer songs, and the long shadow of his band's legendary performance on Live Aid in 1985, this film could speak of any musician at any time – the disapproving parents through drugged orgies to the incredible scene of a young Freddie Mercury (nee Farrokh Bulsara) Brian May and Roger Taylor mere seconds With the two bandmates abandoned by their original lead singer, it's an extraordinary experience to see such a paint-by-number portrait in a mailingGo hard World, "wrote Erlich. If it's a bit more exhausting than the films that inspired the Dewey Cox story, it's a movie that uses Jake Kasdan's damn parody as a template. Even if it's funny, Bohemian Rhapsody is not in the joke – it's too busy to polish his own myth. "

Rafer Guzmán from Newsday mentioned Kasdan's biopic parody Go hard also in his review to write that Bohemian Rhapsody is exactly the kind of movie that should never have happened after that Go hardRelease. "The story of a charismatic rock star living at the height of rock history – mid-1970s – Bohemian Rhapsody Incorporated with a headbanging soundtrack, a costume change of 20 years and tragically premature death in real rock fashion (Mercury died of complications from AIDS at the age of 45). Legally, this should be a bloated, sexually charged four-octave blowout. Instead, it is a stilted, hopelessly stupid biopic Go hard should prevent, "wrote Guzmán.

The New YorkerAnthony Lane also got a parody mood Bohemian Rhapsody. "As a movie Bohemian Rhapsody It's everywhere, "Lane typed. The later sections of the story dealing with the AIDS diagnosis of Mercury are treated with care, but most of the film is full of cheesy rock saying, "We just do not think big enough," "I'll be my vision do not interfere ") and exudes the delicious fragrance of the parody."

Mike Ryan of Uproxx did not have much praise for Bohemian Rhapsody either to compare the biopic with a "dirty pool" in his review.

"One of the next two things is true: either the surviving members of Queen are still annoyed that so much of their heritage is hidden in Freddie Mercury, that they had to make that revisionist story of a movie, or the surviving members so covertly deaf that they accidentally made a movie that looks like they're trying to do that, "Ryan said. "So far, retcon [Mercury’s] Illness in his live AIDS performance seems funky and cruel. But that's the nature of this film, to re-position and redesign Freddie's life as it seemed to the rest of the band members. I have no idea if it was malicious – probably, deliberately not – but that's the end result: punishing Freddie Mercury 27 years after his death. And without the permission of the surviving band members, this movie could not use Queen's music. In retrospect, it would be better if this movie did not exist. "

Kimber Myers, a critic at The playlist, felt that Bohemian Rhapsody was "embarrassingly unprepared for the life of his subject", and therefore the film could not stop itself from becoming "a jumbled version of the legend", which is "squawky, sexless and shallow" and attacks the senses as he offers them little Insight or real depth in Mercury or the band he faced. Myers continuedBohemian Rhapsody The medley approach to the musician's biography abruptly decreases – literally and figuratively – and at every moment it gets interesting. Even the iconic Live Aid concert is being edited on the radio, and the audience only gets a glimpse of the band's genius before deciding that the movie is as intimate as a sold-out stadium show "and tagging it with one D + class.

Little white liesHannah Woodhead wrote, while Malek wrote, "Perhaps the best version of Freddie we could hope for," the deceased great frontman had earned more Bohemian Rhapsody"It's not nearly as interesting or exciting as its central figure, and it glosses over the elements of Mercury's identity and life that are so important and important to many – his race, sexuality, and the fact that he's the first big one Rockstar was dying of AIDS – Bohemian Rhapsody leaves a sour taste. This is a revisionist attempt to paint Mercury in primary colors that are appropriate for the audience, who rather chooses the Greatest Hits, than to think of the man who shared his gift with the world until it killed him, and Freddie deserves so much more. "

Roger EbertSheila O & Malley is also stamped Bohemian Rhapsody as a stinker, and criticized the film's reluctance to properly represent Mercury's strangeness. "Bohemian Rhapsody is bad in the way many biopics are bad: it is superficial, avoids complexity and the narrative has a connecting quality. This type of badness is annoying but relatively benign, she wrote. The attitude towards Mercury, however, is the opposite of benignity. The tensions as gays in the 70s are not treated or even addressed … For this approach there is no other word than phobia. "

But it was The New York Times Critic A.O. Scott, whose criticism has made lethal shots on the film. "Bohemian RhapsodyThe movie about Queen takes more than two hours and is not a very long time for modern functional standards, even if it feels endless. The film is a mixture of gibberish, mysticism and melodrama and seems to be as immortal as possible except for the prosthetic teeth of lead actor Rami Malek, who plays Freddie Mercury, Queen's lead singer. These helicopters could give you nightmares, "Scott said. And some of you, who dare to go to the theater, will surely be inspired, & mama mia, let me go! & # 39; "

Although not everyone was shaken by the film, that's a miracle Bohemian Rhapsody made it into screens at all. The biopic faced a major obstacle on the street to be released when Singer was fired for his "unexpected unavailability" due to a "personal health issue" – as well as the "growing tension" between Singer and Malek, who reportedly joined Singer Heads had allegedly thrown an object in Malek's general direction – forcing production to a standstill and spurred Fox to tip Dexter Fletcher as a Singer substitute. Long before The Singer had allegedly failed on the whole shooting days, and the cameraman Thomas Newton Sigel had to intervene and take over his duties. Actor Tom Hollander, who plays the Queen-band manager Jim Beach, has even allegedly left the film due to Singers behavior briefly. According to Singer's shelling, one source said the director "suffered from a post-traumatic stress disorder" due to the animosity, hostility and tension on the set of the film.

It goes without saying that these reviews are only a handful of the toughest reactions Bohemian Rhapsody, As with all the movies – not just biopics about iconic bands and their singers – some people have dug Bohemian Rhapsody and other flat hated it. That's life, and as Queen herself says, the show has to go on.


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