Liver disease is one of the most common diseases that can adversely affect human health, given the significant role the liver plays in the body.

The liver of the glands and important organs of the human body and work is very important, it renews itself and helps man to get rid of toxins. It also acts as a filter and filter for everything that enters the human body and stores excess food to distribute to the body when needed.

What diseases or health problems can negatively affect liver function and its importance to health? What are the most common liver diseases and how can they be prevented?

The most common liver disease and methods of prevention

The Web site refers to a range of liver diseases:

• Hepatitis:

It is caused by a viral infection that affects the liver and results in serious health complications such as cirrhosis of the liver or liver failure.

Viral hepatitis can be prevented by taking basic vaccinations, conducting regular check-ups and checking with a doctor for any abnormal symptoms. In addition to personal care and hand washing and avoid contaminated food.

• Hepatomegaly:

It is a common liver disease and occurs as a result of liver viruses or cirrhosis or liver tumors in addition to cardiovascular diseases.

Liver hypertrophy can be prevented through a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits, maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding exposure to chemicals such as detergents and others.

Liver cirrhosis

Cirrhosis of the liver, another common disease of the liver, is a late case of liver disease due to stress on the liver.

The most prominent problems that cause cirrhosis, viral hepatitis and fat accumulation in the liver. This disease can be prevented by not neglecting the health of the liver and conducting regular tests and commitment to healthy and integrated food and lose weight.

• Liver Cancer:

Different types of cancers may form in the liver, such as hepatocellular carcinoma, liver bile duct cancer and hepatoblastoma.

Chronic hepatitis viruses can lead to liver cancer, and cirrhosis increases the risk of liver cancer.

Prevention of this disease, as well as other liver diseases, is by avoiding the sources of contamination, whether food or tools and others, and take the necessary vaccinations of hepatitis in addition to reduce fat and eat healthy foods and maintain a healthy weight.


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