The most effective way to fight bad cholesterol with 1 exercise at home and a fat-burning herbal tea

According to official statistics, 1 out of 3 Italians would suffer from hypercholesterolemia, i.e. cholesterol levels that are too high. But even, of these, 1 in 2 would not even know they suffer from it. This is because, as per recent research by the Ministry of Health, in the last year alone, 30% of the planned prevention visits would have been canceled. In essence, unfortunately, too many Italians would have cholesterol values ​​outside the norm, but they would not do the checkups. As doctors always remind us, the action of fighting high cholesterol depends above all on us. With a targeted diet, lots of sport or physical activity, little smoking and alcohol and as little stress as possible. Let’s see together with our Experts the most effective way to fight bad cholesterol with 1 exercise at home and a fat-burning herbal tea.

Here are the sports that could lower cholesterol

According to a cross-referenced suggestion between the Ministry of Sport and that of Health, the sports that would best fight cholesterol are:

  • jogging;
  • cycling;
  • cross country skiing;
  • I swim;
  • marching or brisk walking.

Beware that spinning and dance are also among the sports with the highest beneficial rate for burning calories and fat. But there is an exercise that we can do safely even at home and it does very well in this regard.

The most effective way to fight bad cholesterol with 1 exercise at home and a fat-burning herbal tea

Let’s stand up, slightly spreading the legs with the feet parallel. Starting with the arms along the torso, we open and close the legs and arms, making continuous hops. Let’s start with a simple 1-minute session, passing then, if we can, at 3. Obviously to do this exercise, we must not have heart complications, back problems, or knees. By doing this type of exercise, similar to jumping rope, we could burn a good number of kcal.

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And after exercise, the drink too

If we decide to declare war on cholesterol, after some physical exercise, which must be constant over time, we could combine a beneficial herbal tea. As experts suggest, one of the most powerful of all could be the one based on:

  • artichoke;
  • dandelion;
  • milk thistle;
  • bardana.

A poker of foods and herbs that with their nutrients would make a contribution to the fight against the too high level of cholesterol.


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