The most hated applications in the country are revealed – Ushuaia News

A study revealed which are the most hated applications in each country. In this way, it allows to know which are the least valued platforms also in the global according to categories, among them, dating applications, mobile games, entertainment, social networks, money transfer and cryptocurrencies.

Electronicshub built this research by processing more than 3 million geotagged tweets related to 87 apps from different categories. From that and using the HuggingFace Sentiment Analysis tool, which identifies whether a tweet has a positive, negative, or neutral sentiment, they calculated the percentage of tweets about each app that were negative.

What are the most hated apps in the world?

Hinge is the most hated app in the world, with 34.4% of all tweets about the dating app having a negative slant.

While mobile games tend to receive fewer negative reviews, Roblox is the most hated app in 21 countries, the most of any app.

The podium of applications that managed to be the most hated in the largest number of countries, is completed with Tinder in second place, being the most hated in 19 countries, and Reddit in 17 countries.

In fourth and fifth place in this negative ranking appear Disney + for being the most hated in 11 countries and Snapchat in 9.

The most hated app categories are dating apps, money transfer apps, and social media apps.

On average, dating apps are the most hated app category, with 17.8% of all tweets about dating apps having a negative slant.

The most hated in Argentina according to the categories

  • Most hated app: Bumble
  • Red social: Snapchat
  • From cryptocurrencies: Coinmama
  • Money Transfer: Wise
  • De citas: EHarmony
  • Entertainment: Steam
  • Mobile Games: Roblox

Source: Scope.