The most powerful vitamin that protects even against superinfections has been identified


Aug 22, 2020

Recently, scientists have begun to make claims about the emergence of viruses that have developed immunity against antibiotics. A recent study by specialists from the United States showed that vitamin B3 will help humanity cope with infections.

Studies on laboratory mice, as well as work with donated blood samples, have shown that vitamin B3 can strengthen the immune system a thousand times. It activates the body’s defenses so well that it becomes almost invincible to viruses. In addition, nicotinamide can protect a person even from Staphylococcus aureus. In high doses, it can stop the development of HIV, the authors said.

They noted that although we are talking about large doses of B3, it still does not pose any threat to humans. Scientists believe that nicotinamide can protect the body even from superinfections. The vitamin is recommended for women, as well as for people suffering from stress and those who experience more physical activity.

Earlier, LIVE24 reported that when examining coronavirus-infected cells that were previously weakened for laboratory research with an analogue of COVID-19, Chinese scientists realized that breast milk could effectively suppress it. It’s all about whey proteins, which worked well against the pangolins closely related to coronavirus.

Moreover, the protein isolated from goat’s milk also proved to be effective. The same could be said for unboiled cow’s milk, but in this case the effect was not as significant. Boiling, destroying proteins, reduced the effect of milk to zero.



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