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Salvados has decided to close its season with a program dedicated to Spanish cinema. A special that has been broadcast when there are a few days left before the 37th edition is celebrated of the Goyas, a gala that counts among his nominees with Carla Simon.

The director of Alcarrás and Juan Antonio Bayona have analyzed with Gonzo the current situation of Spanish cinema, revealing how it has always directly and indirectly influenced the Spanish economy and the comparison that exists with American feature films. In addition, the filmmakers have had the opportunity to speak with some high school students to see how the way of consuming movies has changed.

Carla Simón reveals the reality of cinema behind the luxury of festivals

“It is a huge disproportion between the luxury that is seen from the outside to the reality“, has recognized Carla Simón, who has not hesitated to reveal the difference that exists between the image being projected of this industry and what it really is. Film directors have revealed if there is job insecurity and how the arrival of new platforms has affected the industry.

Why is Santiago Segura’s film, the highest grossing, not nominated for a Goya?

Juan Antonio Bayona has reflected on the reason why the last Santiago Segura film is not nominated for the goyas despite being the highest grossing. A moment that he has taken advantage of to talk about the debate that exists between art and business.

The reaction of Carla Simón and Bayona when discovering how a young woman sees movies

“If I only see one movie I get bored, so I put it on my mobile at double speed while I paint”, has confessed a high school student. A statement that has left the two speechless film directors, who have agreed that a generation is being created that needs “a multitude of stimuli” due to the platforms. During the Bayona program, he did not hesitate to give his opinion on social networks like Tik Tok, making it clear that he thinks “an empty entertainment”.

Bayona surprises by confessing what her first memory in life is

The film director has revealed what the close up of a movie that he remembers, confessing that what surprised him the most was discovering that as a child changed in his mind the scenes from the movies I watched.

This is how cinema influences the Spanish economy

Francesc Vilallonga, professor at Ramon Llull University, explains in Salvados the importance of the film industry for the Spanish economy revealing the number of jobs it generates and how it influences directly and indirectly to the economy. For its part, Bayona has taken the opportunity to dismantle the criticism for the subsidies to Spanish cinema.

Bayona responds to those who put American cinema in Spain above

“It is not so much the debate between American or Spanish cinema, it is more between independent or studio cinemacommercial”, indicated the director, making it clear that care must be taken with put labels to things. In addition, she has not hesitated to reveal what she thinks that Carla Simón has not seen movies como Star Wars.

“We spent ten minutes assimilating what we had just seen”

Two high school students reveal in Salvados how it ended up affecting them the last movie they saw in the cinema, acknowledging that when they left they ended up staying ten minutes in silence to reflect on what they had just seen.

Juan Antonio Bayona defends the price of cinema

The film director points out that, basically, you spend the same in the cinema as when you go to the bar and have two beers. “It is the cheapest leisure offer there is”, He has stressed, making it clear that it does not seem bad to him that some tickets can cost close to ten euros.