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Adrián Suar, the person in charge of the programming of eltrece, decided to premiere the cycle of “Pampita” before a very established program like Big Brother

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10/01/2023 – 07,46hs

The prime time of Buenos Aires open TV on Monday was special because two similar reality TV cycles, Big Brotheron Telefe, and El hotel de los famosos, on number thirteen, competed hand in hand for the rating.

In light of the results, the decision to Adrian Suar, the person in charge of the programming of eltrece, to premiere the second season of the hotel program before a cycle as established as Big Brother, was an absolute failure. The first hotel program reached a maximum peak of 5 points, while the Telefe reality show climbed to 24 points.

At 10:40 p.m., Gran Germano recorded 23.8 points, while The hotel of the famous 2 he had just 4.7 points. At 11:30 p.m., the outlook had not changed much, with Telefe at 23 points and the thirteen at 4.1 points.

Big Brother prevails even in the afternoon with a pool party

Juliet Poggioone of the most beloved Big Brother participants by the public, turned 21 on Monday and had the chance to throw a party at the most famous house on open TV in Buenos Aires.

The participant had asked that they organize a pool party for her and after fulfilling a secret mission, which consisted of making the Walter y Ariel, the production authorized the celebration. At the birthday party, balloons over the pool and a special cake stood out.

The live broadcast of Poggio’s birthday dominated the ratings. Spying on the Big Brother house, as the cycle that is broadcast at 4:15 p.m. by Telefe is called, reached a peak of 10.7 points and swept the competition. Poggio’s party prevailed by far over the premiere of the Mexican novel by eltrece, My fortune is to love you, which barely registered 1.6 points.

Rating: how was the debut of Alex Caniggia’s program against Cortá por Lozano?

Replacing the evening version of The 8 steps of the millionAlex Caniggia debuted as a host leading Los desconocidos de siempre (LDDS), the new entertainment program on eltrece.

“First program of Los desconocidos de siempre. Today is my debut. The new era is coming with a cool, charismatic and cool driver!“Said the young man, who appeared on the screen dressed in a black T-shirt and a white satin suit.

The first program of The usual strangers it reached a peak of 5.1 rating points. Although it was an interesting audience number, compared to the station’s current figures, it lost against Vero Lozano’s program.

At 2:38 p.m. Cortá by Lozano scored 8.9 points and LDDS, 4.6 points. At 3:00 p.m., the numbers had not changed much, with Telefe at 8.1 points and the thirteen at 4.7 points.

Big Brother: Alexis “Rabbit”, the new eliminated

A new elimination gala in Big Brother was broadcast this Monday. in plate they were Ariel, Alexis “Rabbit” and Agustín. The three competitors that remained in the hands of the public sought to convince him to continue on his way. Lucila was saved by the leader of the week, “Nacho”.

The first save was Agustín, who obtained 15.8% of the negative votes. After his salvation, Ariel and Rabbit were faced. Around midnight, the name of the new Big Brother eliminated was revealed and it caused the surprise of all the participants. Rabbit was eliminated with 56.16%. Ariel was saved, with 45.16% of the negative votes.

This Wednesday there will be a nomination gala, and many of the members assured that they have their votes ready. In addition, the surprise this week will be that the leader will become 0km winner.