The most wanted twins of the MLB are called Osuna


Roberto Osuna has perplexed everyone in the MLB . The Mexican pitcher is one of the most important pieces in the bullpen of the Blue Jays . The talent is in their blood and the scouts know it. Thus, various teams have been interested in their brothers, Alejandro and Pedro , who could be close to some major league organizations despite their youth.
They are 15 years old and they are twins. The reliever’s brothers have great talent and they are demonstrating it day by day. The Show Case International of Tijuana received both players, who they could show off their qualities to more than 200 MLB talent seekers.
Roberto Osuna father He was in charge of taking them to the massive event so that their children could exhibit themselves. “They’re like Robertito” , sentenced making reference to the pitcher of the Blue Jays. “He [Roberto] was like that, so I trained them all , so they can hit, play a position and also pitching. ”
According to his father, various teams have followed Alejandro and Pedro for a couple of months , so presenting them in the showcase was a play to quote them better. “Sure, they’re number one on the list [Blue Jays], but hey, it never hurts others to see them and evaluate your talent. Nor do I know how many miles each throw as pitchers, “he added.


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