The mother-in-law with heart pathology was helped in Meshalkin’s clinic


Photo by Arkady Uvarov from the archive

At the 20th week of pregnancy, Christina learned about her cardiovascular pathology, which increased due to the increased strain on the body. Specialists from the Meshalkin Center in Novosibirsk provided safe delivery.

In the fourth month, doctors heard for the first time a woman near the heart.

Echocardiography revealed prolapse of the mitral valve – a violation of the function of the valve, in which the reverse flow of blood from the ventricle to the left atrium occurs. Since that time, the woman was under the supervision of a cardiologist, according to the FGBU “NMIs im. ac. E.N. Meshalkin. ”

Valve prolapse was triggered by a congenital anomaly in the formation and development of connective tissue. As a rule, before the expressed symptoms people do not suspect about their disease. “But they can be suspected – in people of tall, plastic, lean physique. Kristina’s pregnancy provoked the development of symptoms of cardiovascular disease, “said cardiologist Julia Varnek.

At the 35th week of pregnancy, a check-up revealed that the degree of back-discharge increased. Two weeks later, a consultation of obstetricians, cardiologists, anaesthesiologists and cardiac surgeons decided on an operational delivery. A team of specialists performed a cesarean section for a woman in conditions of readiness of a cardiosurgical operating room.

The birth was without complications, the child was transferred to the maternity hospital of the Central Clinical Hospital of the SB RAS. The patient’s condition returned to normal, which was due to a decrease in the volume of circulating blood, and the operation was not required. The young mother was discharged in stable condition on the fourth day after the operation.

Earlier wrote, as experts of Meshalkin’s clinic “rescued two lives at once – mother and child . Paralysis has broken the pregnant woman after the transferred or carried stroke, within two months there was a tense struggle of doctors for rescue of two lives.


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