MOSCOW, October 12 – RIA News. Svetlana Kokorina, the mother of Alexander and Kirill Kokorin, in an interview with the TV channel "Star" asked the victims at the hands of her sons to forgive them.

“Everything that happens is terrible. We could not even imagine that our children could lead themselves like this,” Kokorina said.

However, she noted that since childhood brothers were taught to respond to insults, but did not even think that "this will result in such."

Kokorina also asked journalists "not to escalate the situation" and give justice "to sort things out."

On Thursday, the Tverskoy Court of Moscow sent the Zenit attacker Alexander Kokorin and his brother Cyril to St. Petersburg attacking Zenit until December 8. At the same time, the court arrested midfielder Krasnodar Pavel Mamaev.

All three are suspected of having committed a crime, as stipulated by part 2 of article 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (hooliganism committed by a group of persons).

According to the investigation, on October 8, Kokorin and Mamayev got into a fight with the driver leading from the First Channel, and then in the cafe they beat the head of the Minpromtorg department Denis Pak and the head of NAMI (developer of presidential cars Aurus) Sergey Gaysin.


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