The mother’s suspicions, the chronology of the new wife finds out her husband is a woman after 10 months of marriage – Recently, a wife with the initials NA (22), a resident of Jambi City, turned out to be married to a woman with the initials Er alias AA for 10 months.

This lie was exposed after the suspicion arose from the mother of the victim NA, who felt strange about the behavior of her son’s husband.

NA’s mother was suspicious because unlike men, Er alias AA never takes off her clothes when taking a shower.

Starting from that suspicion, NA’s mother asked AA to take off her clothes while taking a shower, and at that time it was discovered that it was a woman.

Not only cheating on gender and marriage, AA alias Er was also reported to the police for the alleged forgery of college degrees.

Chronology of wife married to woman after 10 months

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This fraud case has now entered the trial stage at the Jambi District Court.

During the trial, the victim NA admitted to knowing the perpetrator AA through Tantan, an application to find a mate recommended by a friend.

NA said, it was revealed after ER refused to take off her clothes while taking a shower.

“I have been in a relationship like husband and wife. However, I did not know that the one I slept with was a woman. I never suspected it because I had been introduced through video calls with her family,” said NA, quoted from Tribun Jambi, Tuesday (14/14). /6/2022).

NA explained that when he met her for the first time, ER admitted that he graduated from a neurosurgery specialist from New York. Not only that, it turns out that the name ER is fake. The woman who became her husband had the initials AA.

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“I know he’s a specialist in neurosurgery, a doctor, coal entrepreneur, and a New York foreign graduate. But, I’ve checked for his status, but it’s not on the list,” he said.

NA mangaku got acquainted with AA through an application to find a mate. Then when the two became acquainted and finally got married in Jambi, on July 18, 2021.

At that time, NA did not suspect anything and even gave Rp 30 million to AA.

AA’s confession at trial

In court, AA admitted he used other means when having sex with NA.

Meanwhile, NA’s mother explained, the process of her child’s serial marriage took place at her home, in Jambi City on July 18, 2021.

At that time, AA used an academic degree on a marriage certificate. The title is also included on paper bags and wedding favors.

Also read: 10 months of marriage, new wife finds out her husband is a woman, revealed because of this

For the act, AA was charged under Article 93 jo Article 28 paragraph (7) of Law No. 12 of 2012 on Higher Education.

AA used to be a mosque imam

The identity of Er, a woman from Lahat disguises herself as a man and marries a young woman in Jambi, NA (28).

To convince the victim, Er was determined to become an imam while praying at the mosque.

In addition to going to NA, Er claimed to be a specialist doctor who graduated from New York and was a coal entrepreneur.

The same-sex marriage was only discovered after 10 months of the perpetrator and the victim establishing a household.

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“He did religious harassment. Had time to lead prayers at the mosque. Friday prayers too. That confirms his statement,” said the victim’s mother, Wednesday (15/6/2022), citing the Jambi Tribune.

The fraud case was then reported by AA to the police on April 2, 2022. The police then conducted an investigation.

“Yes, we received a report on April 2, chronologically, the husband or perpetrator proposed to his wife or victim. The perpetrator admitted to being a doctor and dating, after that he got married. The victim wanted to because he suspected that the perpetrator was a doctor,” said Head of Tipidter Jambi Police Ipda Junaedi , Thursday (16/6/2022).

Er was later arrested in Lahat and charged with professional fraud with a threat of 10 years in prison.

Get to know through the app

NA met Er on an online dating application in May 202. The victim was interested because Er used a profile photo like a doctor.

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After two weeks on the online site, the perpetrator stated that he would apply for NA and came to the victim’s house on June 23, 2021.

Until finally they married in a series. NA admitted to having had a relationship like husband and wife. But his eyes were covered with a cloth so that he could not see directly the whole body of his husband.

“I had a relationship like husband and wife, but I didn’t know that the one I slept with was a woman. I never suspected it because I had been introduced through video calls with her family,” said NA.

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The perpetrator asked for money so he fled to Lahat

Perpetrators often ask for a sum of money with the excuse of medical expenses for the victim’s father.

“I once asked for Rp. 50 million, then I sold gold until I sold it, and I also gave my savings, up to a total of Rp. 300 million, and that was said for the treatment of my father,” said the victim, quoting the Jambi Tribune.

However, the medicines promised by the victims did not come. The victim’s mother also suspects that her daughter-in-law just stays at home and doesn’t work like a doctor.

The victim was then taken away to Lahat. For almost 4 months, the victim was locked in a room. The victim was also prohibited from communicating with his mother.

Source: (Editor Rachmawati, David Oliver Purba)

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