The motive for the killing of Toke Butut was revealed, the victim asked why he was killed, this is the answer from the perpetrator

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SERAMBINEWS.COM, LANGSA – Motive of resentment or revenge towards the victim, the suspect ZW is desperate to kill Ridhwan’s victim who is none other than the boss (employer) where the perpetrator works.

Ridhwan (53) is a businessman or daily business owner of buying and selling worn out (used goods) at his home, on Jalan Malikul Adil, Hamlet Satria, Gampong Sungai Pauh Induk, District Langsa Barat.

“The suspect, ZW, admitted that he was desperate to kill the victim, because he was hurt because he was often scolded with harsh words and beaten while he was working with the victim,” said Langsa Police Chief, AKBP Agung Kanigoro Nusantoro, SH, SIK, MH.

The police chief added that the victim’s revenge peaked until Friday (16/7/2021) at around 02.00 WIB, suspect ZW, using an artificial knife, stabbed Ridhwan in the stomach twice.

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At that time the victim was sleeping in front of the television, in the living room of his house, due to blood loss, the victim soon breathed his last breath.

Even before he died with a dying condition (sakaratul maut), the victim Ridhwan had time to ask the perpetrator ZW why he killed him.

The perpetrator of ZW replied to the victim, “This is the reward for what you did to me,” said the perpetrator, who was imitated by the Langsa Police Chief.

After the victim died, continued AKP Agung, the perpetrator ZW called his friend with the initials DN (35) to come to the house to help him dispose of the victim’s body.

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