The mountain service had to save Bernardine. He collapsed as he descended from the mountains

The mountain service saved the life of Bernardine, who collapsed on the descent from the highest mountain in England. According to The Guardian, this is a rare case where this dog breed did not find itself during the intervention of the mountain service in the role of rescuer.

On Friday, a team of 16 volunteer rescuers heard a call for help from the owners of four-year-old female Daisy, who came to the highest English mountain Scafell Pike in the Lake District National Park after a hike. During the five-hour laying of the dog on a stretcher, they also had to overcome a waterfall.

“The team rescues around ten dogs each year. But this is the first time a Bernardine has been rescued,” a local mountain service spokesman said. “Daisy was only a four-year-old female, but she was still a piece,” he added, adding that the animal weighing 55 kilograms was “perfect rescued”. It was very quiet all the time, which made the work easier for the porters.

The Bernardines have traditionally played the opposite role in mountain rescue operations, as they were bred in the Italian and Swiss Alps as dog rescuers. “Obviously, Daisy feels a little guilty and slightly ashamed for not getting the image of her cousins ​​and cousins ​​as dogs fighting the snowy Alps with a barrel of liquor around her neck,” a rescue spokesman joked.


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