The Municipal Institute of Women in Lerdo offers free mammograms, El Siglo de Torreón

The Municipal Institute for Women in Lerdo urged the women of the municipality to register in the free mammography program that is carried out in coordination with the UNEME DEDICAM clinic, in order to detect breast cancer in time and prevent or treat it.

Mastography is an X-ray study that is recommended for women 40 to 69 years of age, without signs or symptoms of cancer (asymptomatic) and is intended to detect abnormalities in the breasts that cannot be perceived by observation or palpation .

Yesterday the beneficiaries were transferred to the clinic for the diagnosis, the same day that this campaign is relaunched that seeks to raise awareness among women, over 40, about the importance of breast self-examination, as well as inviting them to undergo an examination mammography at least once a year.

It will be on Fridays when five women from Lleida will be able to take this free examination at the facilities of the UNEME DEDICAM Clinic as a preventive action against COVID-19, where they will be asked to wear their face mask and when entering the clinic they apply antibacterial gel.

The study consists of taking two x-rays of each breast: from the sides and from top to bottom.

It takes about 15 minutes and causes discomfort that is tolerable, as it requires compressing the chest.

Not all abnormal results mean cancer: out of 10 women with abnormal mammograms, only one has cancer.

Therefore, if you have an abnormal result, more tests will be needed to make a definitive diagnosis.

If the study is not adequate due to errors in the taking, it will be asked to repeat it.

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For more information:


* The call is open to all women from Lleida over 40 years of age, through the IMM phone: 87 11 59 26 46, where they will be informed of the day and time of their exam.


* You should preferably be dressed in two-piece clothes, so there will be no need to take off all your clothes for the study.


* Bathing and not putting on deodorant or powder, this is important because most contain minerals that do not allow X-ray images to be seen clearly.