the music party

In this final stretch of spring and beginning of summer, Albacete became a frontline stage to show the world that we like music and that we have enough talent, that we are not a city lost in the vast plains of La Mancha.
The week began with the Music Festival, a day in which there were musical performances throughout the day in the streets and squares of the city. The chords invaded the public space and contributed to invigorate the daily life of the people of Albacete. It was surprising how passers-by stopped to listen, even if only for a few seconds, to the interpreters and take a break from their busy lives. Whenever music hits the streets, the people of Albacete appreciate it and respond, and even more so if they are local performers. Do not forget that in the city there are several conservatories and artists well prepared to delight their neighbors with any kind of music.
But the music festival didn’t just stop on that day, the end of the week had one of the year’s cultural events reserved for it with the Antorchas Festival, which kicked off in its first edition with brutal force, with Simple Minds and Leiva as headliners and promises to grow in future editions. If we add to the music the magnificent gastronomy that we have on earth, the fusion is unbeatable. The Antorchas Festival has to break through the festival crowd that exists in Spain and a good formula is with local foods and dishes. In future editions we will see how the festival grows.