The name of the controversial Fiat is back. The Multipla will turn into an SUV, the Seicento will also return

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Multipla was among the most controversial in terms of design, but also the most practical large-space cars on the market. However, due to low sales, the name was retired twelve years ago. However, according to Fiat’s new plan, the Multipla should return to the offer within a few years. And it won’t be the only historical name to be revived in Turin.

The Italian blog Passione Auto Italiane was the first to come up with information about the return of the Fiat Multipla, citing information directly from the automaker, but according to which the old-new designation is still only internal. However, its use in a production car is not at all excluded, especially when Fiat recently likes to return previously used designations to the menu. This is an example of the Ulysse personal van, whose utility base is again called Scudo after a break of several years.

What can you actually expect from the new Multiply? It will certainly not be an MPV, in the spirit of current trends, it will be an SUV that will replace the compact Tipo series. It will be based on the CMP platform, which is used by Peugeot 208 and 2008, Opel Corsa and Mokka or Citroën C4. This means that the Multipla will definitely get a fully electric drive and possibly a petrol unit as well. According to the Italians, it will most likely be produced in Turkey from 2025.

However, the German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, referring to other sources, also mentions the possibility of production in Slovakia at the Stellantis plant in Trnava in connection with the Multipla. For example, the Peugeot 208 is produced there today. It would make sense, because the Slovak factory is technologically prepared for the production of cars on the CMP platform. In Turkey, the production of the Dobla, which is currently produced in Spain and Portugal alongside other twins from Citroën and Peugeot, ended recently. There could also be room for a new car there.

But it will not only be about Multiple. Fiat plans, even for next year, to resurrect the name 600, i.e. Seicento. It will again be carried by an SUV with a length of around four meters, which will partially replace the existing 500X model. Together with the Tip, it will end in 2024. The new “six hundred” will also be based on the CMP platform, will be equipped with both a fully electric, hybrid and classic gasoline engine, and will be produced in Tychy, Poland. The Jeep Avenger will also be created there, the Italian novelty will be technically related to it.

And in the third place, Fiat will most likely bet on a verified name. Starting next year, a Citroën Ami variant will be sold in selected markets under the name Topolino, which carried the pre- and post-war small car. It is a miniature electric car for the city with a power of 6 kW, a speed limited to 45 km/h and the possibility to drive it from the age of fifteen. Opel already offers the same car under the name Rocks-e, it will be produced in Morocco.

The plan, which was published by the Italian website, also results in other news. For example, production of the Fiat 500 with a mild hybrid drive, which has been offered with minor upgrades since 2007, will end next year. In Tychy, the new 600 will make way. For those interested in a small retro hatchback, the electric version introduced two years ago will soon remain the only choice. By the way, the Fiat 500e, which will arrive next year also in the sporty Abarth version, will get a successor in 2026, a year later all Fiats offered in Europe will be electric only.

While the “five-seater” will end, another minivan with a mild hybrid drive – the Panda – will probably extend its life until 2026. It will also be offered alongside the successor, which will be a class larger and with a fully electric drive, will arrive sometime between 2024 and 2025 The novelty is created as a world car and will also be produced in Brazil with a hybrid drive and the name Argo. The European version will be created in Serbia at the former Zastava factory.