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The name of the new Russian Prime Minister chosen by Putin for debate in Parliament


The State Duma, lower house of the Russian Parliament, in Moscow, April 22, 2014 – Yuri Kadobnov AFP

After the surprise resignation of the Russian government on Wednesday, Parliament must approve the appointment of the prime minister chosen by
Vladimir Putin, Mikhaïl Michoustine. This boss of the Russian tax authorities has already been dubbed the head of government by the pro-power United Russia party.

Its validation by the Duma (the Russian Parliament) is a formality, since the chamber is completely controlled by pro-Putin forces. This decision should therefore be carried out quickly, in light of the pace of change prompted by Vladimir Putin since his announcements the previous day which caught the entire political class and the Russian media short.

Ice Hockey and Digitization

The latter are perceived as aiming to mark the ground before 2024, the date of the end of the current mandate of Vladimir Putin who, in the current state of the legislation, has no right to stand for re-election. The president has chosen to replace his loyal outgoing Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, a shadowy figure, Mikhail Michoustin, unknown to the general public.

This 53-year-old Muscovite is an engineer by training who followed a long career as a senior civil servant in several government agencies before becoming head of an investment fund and then in 2010 of the tax department, which he transformed in depth. . Appreciated by Vladimir Putin, a fan like him of ice hockey, he is a champion of the modernization and digitization of Russia.

A working group must meet

Bald man with a thick face who has forged the reputation of being an efficient senior civil servant, Mikhaïl Michoustine has not made any public statement since his appointment on Wednesday evening, the Kremlin only disseminating photos of the person concerned in dark costume, one-on-one with Vladimir Putin. The announcement came after the government’s surprise resignation in the aftermath of a speech by Vladimir Putin announcing a constitutional reform that should give more powers to Parliament, while preserving the presidential character of the system it has been piloting for 20 years. years.

Without wasting time, a working group charged with preparing these constitutional changes will meet on Thursday. Among the 70 personalities that make it up, there are some surprising names like the writer Zakhar Prilépine, known to have fought in the east of Ukraine, or the pole vault star Elena Isinbayeva.

Former Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will remain president of the party, a sign that this loyal member of the head of state's loyalty is not being ostracized by the system. His departure comes at a time when the ex-prime minister was stagnating at 30-35% of popularity – against nearly 70% for Vladimir Putin – against a backdrop of economic anemia and falling living standards. The Kremlin also faced this summer the largest protest movement, strongly repressed, since the return in 2012 of Vladimir Putin to the presidency. The candidates for power immediately suffered a snub in the local elections in Moscow.


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