Prince Louis will have six godparents, it was revealed today.

He will have a lot of guidance on the way of life as he navigates his role as the fifth in line to the throne.

The 11-week-old is baptized today at 4 pm in the Chapel Royal at St. James's Palace.

So who took responsibility for his religious education?

Here are the friends and relatives of William and Kate familiar with helping him.

Guy Pelly

He is known as a court jester (Image: Rex)

He helped organize William's bachelor party so he could also be on the market to host a birthday party at Sinbad's Soft Play Center.

You may remember this when he disguised himself as a queen in 2005 and imitated her voice. At that time, Prince Harry put on a Nazi uniform for a costume party.

He used to run a number of nightclubs under the Chelsea crowd, and was named William and Harry's "Court Jester" for his wild nature.

The former Stowe schoolboy is said to have met the royal brothers through the Beaufort Hunt and in 2014 married the Holiday Inn heiress Lizzy Wilson.

Nicholas van Cutsem

He is a major in the British Army (Photo: Rex)

He is a close friend of William and Harry and has known her since they were kids.

Mr. van Cutsem is a Major in the British Army and his young daughter Florence was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Meghan and Harry, while his brother William was one of the bridegroom's porters.

Lady Laura Meade

Lady Laura Meade at the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews (Photo: Getty)

Her husband, James Meade, is already one of Princess Charlotte's sponsors, so they may try to outdo each other, whoever can be better.

Mr. Meade went to Eton with William and has been a good friend since school.

His wife was born Lady Laura Marsham and is the daughter of the 8th Earl of Romney.

Mr. Meade, known to his friends as Meadey, once attended a charity boxing match at the 2008 Boodles Boxing Ball, watched by William and Kate, nicknamed "the Badger."

Hannah Carter

Hannah Carter, nee Gillingham, is an old school friend of Kate, who both visits Marlborough College.

She is married to Robert Carter, whose family are wealthy landowners in Norfolk.

William and Kate attended their wedding in 2012.

Her sister-in-law Sophie Carter is one of Charlotte's godparents.

Lucy Middleton

Lucy Middleton, right (Image: Getty)

Miss Middleton, a lawyer, is the cousin of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Harry Aubrey-Fletcher

Harry Aubrey-Fletcher at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Photo: Getty)

Harry Aubrey-Fletcher is another of William's great friends and was photographed during the Cheltenham Festival in 2013 when he jokingly pulled the Duke's ear.

An old school friend of William and Harry, his father is Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher, Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire – the queen's official representative in the county.

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