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After being sentenced to three years in prison for disturbing the public peace, Stiben Patron was the cover of a capital print media, which collected his statements about the burning of Congress on March 31, 2017, quite contradictory indeed, taking into account the antecedents of the young liberal leader, close to Efraín Alegre, president of the PLRA.

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Part of what was expressed by Patron, according to what was published, says that “no one is investigating who burned Congress”, in addition to criticizing the actions of the Justice and also accused of “proven venal” the prosecutor in the case.

The Liberals, led by Stiben Patron (right), robbed Congress on the night of March 31, 2017. They then took refuge in the PLRA. Photo: Archive.

“Everything that has to be burned will be burned. We are not afraid of (Horacio Cartes), we are going to burn what we have to burn and if we have to re-enter Congress and do all the quilombo (sic) that we did at that time, we are going to do it again ”, he mentioned. to a radio program in August 2018, admitting his participation in the violent events of late March 2017.

In August 2019, Stiben Patron and other liberal leaders were denounced by the then Minister of the Interior, Juan Ernesto Villamayor, for assaulting police personnel.

In a viralized video on social networks, it was observed when the leader physically and verbally attacked a uniformed man during the PLRA march, in favor of impeachment, while Efraín Alegre faced the police officer in an authoritarian manner.

Sequence of the aggression carried out by Stiben Patron against the law enforcement officer. Photo: Screenshot.

In February of this year, the Ephraimist leader responded on social networks to the senator, also a liberal, Zulma Gómez, a message allegedly addressed to him.

“We would have burned your house, old criminal !!!”, replied Patron on his Twitter account in response to the message of Senator Gómez, who in turn published: “It all started when they applauded while they burned Congress, simple and straightforward.”

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Stiben Patron attacked the senator through social media. Photo: screenshot.

The liberal senator expressed at the time that she did not doubt the threats made by the violent activist close to Efraín Alegre. “If they burned down Congress so easily, why wouldn’t they burn down my house?” He said.

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Patron was imprisoned in the Emboscada jail and in an interview given to the digital portal, he recalled that he saw when an inmate was killed near the place where he was. “That was what made me realize where I was,” he confessed during the interview.

The Liberals, led by Stiben Patron (right), robbed Congress on the night of March 31, 2017. They then took refuge in the PLRA. Photo: Archive.

One of the most recent participation of Stiben Patron in situations of violence occurred on February 23 of this year, at the PLRA headquarters, when Efraín Alegre opposed the integration of the Independent Electoral Tribunal (TEI).

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Patron not only prohibited the entry of several liberal affiliates to the PLRA headquarters, but also acted violently against the representatives of the PLRA, Basilisa Vázquez and Valeria del Puerto, as denounced.

A Sentencing Court sentenced Patron, Nelly Carlota Cortesi and Roberto Rojas to three years in prison after being found guilty of the crime of disturbing the public peace by the burning of Congress, which occurred on March 31, 2017.


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