The National Assembly votes the agriculture budget for 2019


The Assembly adopted on Friday the Draft Budget 2019 for Agriculture of 4.7 billion euros, down 10% after a change in scope, opposition regretting that the rural world is not considered "a priority".

"I want France to be sovereign from a food point of view and its agriculture shines in the world," said Agriculture Minister Didier Guillaume, expressing his ambition to become "the Minister of Excellence" food ".

The budget voted in first reading is part of the road map of the Estates General of Food and the Egalim law passed in early October in the Assembly.

"It aims to show our support for those who dare: young people who settle, all the transformation on organic", but also "to those who suffer in difficult areas," said the minister.

"This budget is identical to last year" even if there is "500 million euros difference," Didier Guillaume said justifying its decline by the evolution of the reporting entity.

It no longer includes the specific reductions in social security contributions for the agricultural sector now included exclusively in the Social Security financing bill.

The Assembly also voted in this context a week ago a gradual exit over two years (and not in 2019 as originally planned) of the exemption from contributions for the employment of seasonal workers (casual worker applicant for employment, TO / DE) which benefited the market gardeners, arboriculturists or winemakers.

On Friday, the deputies adopted a government amendment to finance this measure up to 30 million euros by the Ministry of Agriculture and 75 million euros by various ministries.

Another novelty explaining the decline in the budget is the decline of 300 to 200 million of the fund created in 2018 to finance possible crises, said the minister assuring however that "farmers, affected by the drought, can wait for help from the State ".

Ministry funding will be matched by European CAP funding for a total of € 8.9 billion.

The agricultural sector will also benefit from 4.2 billion social security contributions, plus 1.1 billion euros of CICE salary and 1.8 billion tax expenditures.

"This budget questions and worries", reacted Jérôme Nury (LR): "between the decline in agriculture credits, the TO-DE stop un-compensated for all, the increase in fees for diffuse pollution and l opacity that surrounds the tools of the agricultural component of the big investment plan, we can not say that all this is reassuring, "he said.

"This is a budget plowed in the name of the golden calf by the dogma of the compression of public spending," denounced for his part the communist André Chassaigne, the Socialist Dominique Potier claiming "justice for producers, a food of quality for all and a real support for agro-ecology ".

"It's a fight budget, not against the glyphosate, the junk food or the margins of the big retailers, but against the farmers, the consumers and the rural world", for its part blasted the insoumise Mathilde Panot. You say that "you are at the side of the farmers" but it is "to make their pockets," she said.


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