The National Football Team arrives in Sharjah, stays at the top 40 Safeland Hotel, Li Tie still surrenders business class to his team members_airport

Original title: The National Football Team arrives in Sharjah and stays at the top 40 Safeland Hotel. Li Tie still gives up business class to the team members

The Chinese National Men’s Football Team and the Chinese Football Association team departed from Shanghai Pudong International Airport on a Eastern Airlines flight in the early morning of November 7th, Beijing time. After a nine-and-a-half-hour flight, they arrived at 6:45 a.m. UAE local time on the 7th. Beijing time 10:45) successfully arrived at Dubai International Airport. After a routine nucleic acid test at the airport, all members arrived at the hotel where they were staying. It is worth mentioning that this time the national football team stayed in Sharjah in the hotel where they stayed during the top 40 games, hoping to bring good luck to the national football team.

After the Chinese National Men’s Football Team arranged two warm-up matches with the Shenzhen and Zhejiang teams on the afternoon and evening of November 3, the quarantine has been completely lifted, and the international footballers have been given a short two-day holiday break. Many international players have returned to their homes to fully enjoy the family happiness. During the vacation, the national team also announced the list of 26 players who will go west again. The four players Wei Shihao, Guo Tianyu, Wang Shangyuan and Yin Hongbo left the team because of family leave, while Gao Zhunyi left the team completely because of injury and needed two weeks of rest. .

Before noon on the 6th, all the players returned to the hotel to report to the team as required. At the same time, because they were about to leave, the baggage that needed to be checked was delivered to the special staff in advance, and the team was sent to the airport for check in advance. By 16:00 on the 6th, all the players who will march west from the hotel where they stayed on time went to the training venue for the last practice before the march. Due to the previous two days of vacation, the national football coaching staff still arranged a certain intensity of confrontation exercises during the training.

At 22:30 that evening, the whole team set off from the hotel where they were staying and rushed to the airport. Scattered fans came to the hotel where the national football team stayed to see off the national team. Compared with the scene when he played in the top 12 at the end of August, the number of fans who saw him off this time appeared to be much less. Of course, this is also easy to understand. Because the national football team only achieved 1 win and 3 losses in the first four rounds, many fans are dissatisfied with the performance and results of the national football team. Therefore, it is normal for fewer fans to see off.

Since it took less than two weeks before and after the expedition, not only the staff of the national team itself has been reduced, but even the staff of the Football Association’s work team has also been reduced a lot. Of course, since the Chinese team came to Sharjah in theory to play at home, many of the work in the home game still needs to be taken care of by the Chinese Football Association. Therefore, most of the staff who followed the National Football Team’s West Expeditions still normally go west with the team. . Correspondingly, the luggage of the entire delegation is also much less.

2. Stay at the original resident hotel in Sharjah

In the west expedition, the national football team took a domestic airline flight, which is different from the flight of a foreign airline when it went to Doha in August. However, affected by the aircraft type, it is also the night flight. About half of the team members cannot lie down and sleep. They can only sit and rest, because the seats of the entire plane are not in a row of three seats, but There are only two seats on the sides and four seats in the middle row. Therefore, many national team assistant coaches and logistics staff can only sit. Of course, most international players are still arranged in business class to ensure that they can get a rest. The head coach Li Tie, like the previous trips, gave up business class to the team members and squeezed himself in the economy class.

At the end of August, when I went to West Asia for the first time in the top 12, due to the relatively early departure from Shanghai, I arrived in Doha less than 5 a.m. local time. But this time, the national team’s departure time from Shanghai was delayed by half an hour, scheduled to take off at 1 am, and the flight speed was not fast. Therefore, it was exactly 6:45 in the morning when arriving at Dubai Airport in the UAE, which also allowed the international players to have a better rest. Since it is not the first time that the national football team has come to West Asia, it feels like a familiar road. After the team arrived, apart from wearing a protective mask and N95 mask, it did not arrive in the UAE for the first time in June this year. Wear protective clothing like that during the top 40 games. Moreover, perhaps because the local epidemic situation in the UAE is relatively stable, other transit passengers, except for wearing masks, are no different from the previous situation, and even many passengers do not wear masks, and it is completely impossible to see that it is travel during the epidemic. . From stepping off the plane to the gate, the members of the Chinese delegation were the same as other passengers along the way. Of course, since the Sharjah side has already been in touch with the Sharjah side in advance, the Sharjah side still sent a special person to the airport to greet the delegation.

Like other travelers entering the UAE, after the international players arrive, in addition to submitting the nucleic acid test report prepared in advance in Shanghai, they will perform a nucleic acid test before entering the country. Since there are not many passengers, and Sharjah has also arranged special personnel at the airport to handle a series of affairs, all members of the Chinese team did not wait in line for a long time like other passengers, and were guided to Nucleic Acid. After the inspection office, all members of the Football Association delegation were arranged to be tested directly at various inspection points. Therefore, it took more than 10 minutes before and after, all personnel completed the inspection. At the time of customs entry, the airport also specially arranged seven windows for the national team. Therefore, the entire national team from arriving at Dubai Airport to finally boarding the bus to the hotel, it took less than an hour before and after. Before 8 o’clock in the morning, the two buses that the international players took took the lead from the airport to the hotel where they were staying. It is worth mentioning that several local Chinese fans arrived at Dubai Airport early in the morning to welcome the arrival of the national team.

As the arrangements have been made in advance, and Dubai Airport is closer to the hotel where the national team is staying, even closer than Sharjah Airport to the hotel where they are staying, and the journey takes less than 15 minutes. Therefore, after the international players arrive at the hotel, they will go straight in. The room rests. Before the arrival of the national team, the hotel had emptied all the guests and had done all sorts of killings. The international players were notified in advance of the specific room they were staying in. After arriving at the hotel, the international players went directly into the room. Can.

What’s interesting is that since the national team has come to Sharjah for the third time in the past six months this year, the staff of the local travel agency are already familiar with the national football team, and even the coaches that have been arranged for reception are all previously used. The vehicle and the driver basically did not change their faces. This can at least make the internationals feel “home”. Moreover, the hotel stayed at was also the hotel where the top 40 stayed in three wins and three wins. Whether it was dining location or other facilities, it was exactly like the top 40 match.

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