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Original title: The National Football Team rehearsed the Han Raiders, the coach refused to shrink and defend the media reporter was invited to the scene

At 10:30 a.m. on July 18, local time, the Chinese men’s soccer selection team had their second outdoor training after arriving in Japan at the Toyota Sports Park Stadium. Before training, the head coach Jankovic encouraged the players more than once to say that as a head coach, he has found a strategy for leading his team to “Khan” on the court, and the players just need to let go and fight according to his tactical ideas. The training on the 18th was also carried out according to this idea.

The schedule shows that the Chinese men’s football selection team will play against the South Korean team in the first round of this East Asian Cup at 7 pm local time on the 20th. The Chinese men’s football selection team also hoped to arrange the training in the evening as much as possible, but the organizing committee of the host competition declined the request on the grounds that “the schedule has been arranged properly and cannot be adjusted”. In this way, the team’s training on the 18th was arranged in the morning.

After the national football selection team arrived in Japan, they settled in a hotel in Nagoya City. However, the East Asian Cup men’s football matches are arranged in Toyota City, and the training venues are also located in Toyota City. Therefore, after the team arrived in Japan, they had to drive 45 minutes to the training ground for the first training. The training location on the 18th was changed from the first practice, but the drive from the hotel to the venue was still more than 50 minutes.

To the relief of the whole team, the venue conditions of the second practice were better than those of the first practice. The training of the national football selection team started at 10:30 am local time and ended at about 11:40 local time. The scorching sun caused a huge drain on the players’ bodies. However, the training enthusiasm of the members of the national football selection team has always been high.

In view of the fact that the China and South Korea games will start in two days, the training of the national football selection team on the 18th is closer to the content of the first round. Half an hour after the training started, the few media reporters at the scene were politely invited to the scene. Obviously, Jankovic has ideas for the game on the 20th. In fact, during training on the 17th, he clearly told the players. The coaching staff has developed the “Strategy to Overcome Korea”. While facing the gap with the strong players, the team members should show courage and need to show momentum, aggression and offensive and defensive quality in actual combat.

It is reported that through video analysis, Jankovic confirmed that the personnel of the South Korean team participating in this East Asia Cup are quite different from the personnel used by the team during the 4 international warm-up matches and the top 12 games in June. The technical and tactical ideas have been used, and the South Korean team will continue to promote the 442 battle array to ensure the balance of offense and defense and the compactness of personnel positions. How to limit the opponent’s performance has been the focus of Jankovic’s lectures in the training field and off-field theoretical tutoring sessions in recent days.

It is worth noting that in the training on the 18th, Jankovic did not let the players focus too much on defense, but spent more time practicing offense, especially counterattack tactics. In his opinion, even if the Chinese team is against a strong team like South Korea, it should not blindly shrink. In the last period of training, Jankovic also arranged for some players to practice various positioning ball tactics. At the resident hotel, Yankovic also interpreted the strategy of defeating the enemy through video materials in a timely manner.

According to the plan, the Chinese men’s football selection team will go to the competition venue from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. local time on the 19th for the last practice before the China and Korea games.

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