The National Football Team returns to China on October 13 to adjust and ease negative sentiment. Suzhou Division has started preparations.

Original title: The National Football Team will return to China on October 13 to adjust and ease negative emotions. Suzhou Division has started preparations

The Chinese team will face the Vietnam team in the third round and the Saudi team in the fourth round in Sharjah, UAE and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, respectively, on October 7th and 12th, local time. A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily understands that considering that the whole team has been in the closed environment of West Asia for more than 40 days, the Chinese Football Association working group has fully communicated with the national football coaching staff and decided to arrange for the whole team to return to China after a visit to the Saudi team.

Return to China to adjust and ease negative emotions

Not surprisingly, the Chinese team delegation will depart from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on a chartered flight to return to Shanghai on October 13, and then be sent to the Suzhou Division for isolation. Recently, the Chinese team’s return to China to participate in the two top 12 home games in November is being pushed forward at full speed with the active cooperation of all parties. If the relevant plan is finally approved by the relevant departments and FIFA, then the Chinese team is expected to participate in the 5th and 6th rounds of the top 12 matches at home against Oman and Australia in Suzhou.

Affected by the epidemic, the Chinese team must strictly abide by local epidemic prevention regulations whether they are in Doha, Qatar, Sharjah, UAE or Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Therefore, they need to train, compete and live in a closed environment. The long-term separation from relatives and the relatively boring life content undoubtedly brought physical tests and psychological shocks to the members of the national football delegation. The fatigue of the Chinese team in the long preparation process is not limited to the physical level, but also manifests in the spiritual level. If things go on like this, the internationals will inevitably be troubled by negative emotions in the preparation process.

In view of the actual situation of preparations for more than a month, the Chinese Football Association working group and the national football coaching staff made a decision after communication. Regardless of whether the two home games in November can be returned to the country, the whole team will finish the away game with the Saudi team. , Will immediately return to the country for some adjustments.

Various preparations have been initiated in the Suzhou Division

Judging from the current situation, the Chinese team will still enter from Shanghai by then, and will be directly transferred to the resident hotel in Suzhou Division-Taihu Xiangguli Hotel, Taihu Taimei, through a “bubble” epidemic prevention closed loop. While undergoing medical isolation and observation in accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations, While continuing to close the preparations for the next round of 12 games.

Whether the 5th and 6th rounds of the Chinese team’s top 12 home games can be held in China has attracted much attention from all walks of life. It is understood that in order to make arrangements for the home games of the national football team to be played in the country, the Chinese Football Association has been actively communicating with all relevant parties for a while, and the relevant application procedures have also been launched. Due to the major epidemic prevention work of the competition, this work must perform a strict approval procedure. After the home game plan is approved by the relevant departments, the Chinese Football Association must report the plan to FIFA.

If the relevant application is finally approved by all parties, then the Chinese team will have a high probability of participating in the fifth round of the top 12 (November 11) in Suzhou with the Oman team and the 6th round (November 16) with the Australian team at home. It is understood that although the final result has yet to be officially announced, the Suzhou Division has already begun various preparations for the competition.

The Suzhou Division has accumulated a lot of experience in running games

Before that, the Suzhou Division had successfully hosted the Chinese Super League, the Football Association Cup, the second round of the Women’s Olympic Preliminary Round China and South Korea matches, the top 40 men’s football matches, the national football team and the Guam team and other major football competitions. With rich experience in epidemic prevention and competition, the venues and hotel reception conditions in the competition area are also in strict accordance with the standards for the top 12 competitions, so the implementation of specific tasks is also relatively easy. In addition, for the Suzhou competition, the national football team, especially the international players who have participated in various competitions here, are also more welcome.

Text/Reporter Xiao Zeng Jiang Guangtai in the top 12

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