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the National Gathering patiently and garners by letting the news

Without leading the list and facing legal difficulties, Marine Le Pen's party is in front of LRM in the polls.

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The urgency is to wait and reap. The National Rally (RN) activated its favorite strategy in this memorial autumn, showing a vindictive smile to those who had given it too quickly for dead. "We have the calm of the old troops", has been fond of trumpeting, since the start of the season, Marine Le Pen's special adviser, Philippe Olivier, in a formula so dear to Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Week after week in this European precamp, the extreme right-wing party executives display a cool phlegm, avoiding too much agitation while savoring the events. "News go playr for us "predicted the same advisor as early as September. After the return of the migratory question, the crisis of the fuels was invited in the actuality. A new opportunity for the former National Front to stand up as a defender of a "France of the forgotten" theorized by Marine Le Pen, in the face of"Contempt" of his governors. Not to mention the boost of the President of the Republic himself, Emmanuel Macron having repeatedly designated the RN as his main opponent. If the Macronist sentence "me or the extremes" is now tempered by internal criticism of the presidential party, it remains at the heart of its European campaign strategy. A boon for the RN.

" Cruising speed "

The lieutenants of Marine Le Pen repeat that there is no point in running before January. Especially since the lepenist nonchalance seems to work: in spite of its financial slump, the successive indictments of its leaders, its difficulty to ally itself with other formations and the image of its leader damaged by the debate of two-rounds of the presidential election, the RN is given 21% of voting intentions in the latest FIFG poll, published Sunday, November 4 in The Letter of Expansion. The party Lepéniste is placed before the …


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