The National Police Chief’s Directions to Stop Deposits from Subordinates to Superiors


The National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo firmly gave directions to all his members to eliminate the habit of ‘deposits’ to superiors. This ‘deposit’, he said, often occurs due to illegal levies (extortion).

The ‘deposit’ in question is the giving of money by members to their superiors. Sigit threatened to remove the member if involved ‘deposit’.

This was revealed by Sigit when giving a briefing to the heads of regional units (kasatwil) at 34 regional police and police officers in his ranks. Briefing is done via video conferencing.



“Obviously, those of us who are superiors must also reduce things or eliminate things that make members then choose the reason for doing extortion, because the reason is to make a deposit to their superiors. Please eliminate this,” said Sigit, as seen from his Instagram account, Monday (24/10).

Sigit said this ‘deposit’ is usually done for promotion or getting a position. Firmly, he will take firm action against the parties involved.

“I think Mr. As HR has done there is no such thing as going to a paid school, wanting to get a paid position. And I checked this at Headquarters, there is nothing like that. Including if anyone brings up my name, please arrest me, report it, ” said Sigit.

Ask not to live in luxury

The National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo also asked his staff not to use luxury vehicles while on duty or outside the office. Likewise, their respective families are advised not to use a luxurious lifestyle.

“Remind our families because whatever happens to our families, the spotlight remains on members of the National Police, the spotlight is on the Polri institution,” explained Sigit on his Instagram as seen on Monday (24/10).

When on duty, Sigit asked his men to adjust the official vehicle with the regional leadership. This applies to the Kapolda to the Kapolsek.

“In relation to forkopimda, just adjust it with others, for example the regent uses an Innova, so let’s not use a car that is better than that,” said Sigit.

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