-The environmentalist Rafael Muñoz affirms that with the application they are going to recover what was lost; José Luis Ramírez, secretary of organization of the MNT expressed that they are already looking for a good provider to obtain a national application

Playas de Rosarito, BC, May 19, 2022. The modernization of public transportation in all senses, especially the one that provides the service of transporting people, will generate great benefits not only because it will help reduce the number of polluting emissions that are thrown into the atmosphere, but also, it will give greater security to its users, said Carlos Rafael Antonio Muñoz Berzunza during the First National Mobility Forum held by the National Transportation Movement and the Municipality of Playas de Rosarito.

The expert on environmental issues expressed that “it is fortunate to see many people committed to these three main services such as safety, having vehicles that do not pollute and inclusion” and that “in all cities it is notorious that applications are have become an important tool to be able to have access to many services such as food, the supermarket and, of course, to move”.

He observed that “if the (National Transportation) Movement manages to make these applications its own and incorporates them in different cities, it will recover much of what has been lost by staying in a state of comfort without updating the units, without providing a better service. I believe that having an application in all cities that guarantees users the security of payment, the security of who is giving them the service and that they will have the security of reaching their destination without suffering an accident or mishap It will be very beneficial.”

In this regard, within the same #FirstForoNacionaldeMovilidad, José Luis Ramírez, secretary of organization of the MNT, expressed: “We are looking for a good provider to obtain an application at the national level so that all my fellow operators can have an effective tool to provide a better service to users, not only in Mexico City, but nationwide.

The First National Mobility Forum was held in this city of Baja California, in coordination between the city council chaired by the municipal president of Playas de Rosarito, Araceli Brown Figueredo, and the National Transportation Movement (MNT), where the panelists presented their experiences and knowledge to offer better conditions for mobility in cities.

In this regard, Muñoz Berzunza explained that in terms of the environment, there is a general consensus at the world level that there is a need to reduce the amount of emissions thrown into the atmosphere, and this is linked to the entire transportation movement, not only to the one that provides service to a user to move it from one place to another, but also to move goods, merchandise or offer services.

All this is linked because it is the internal combustion engine that is finally operating in each one of them and it is the one that generates the greatest pollutants, or at least that is what the different researchers who participate in these conferences point out, he said.

He added that we currently have an unsustainable mobility model because the current one continues to depend 95% on oil and the combustion engine; there is a great congestion in the cities that affects the quality of life and causes losses for the companies, as well as the land destined to the motor vehicle consumes 60 percent of the urban surface, but is parked 92% of the time, variables that must urgently change to an efficient and environmentally healthy model.

“Without a doubt, migrating to hybrid cars will initially help a lot and finally end up with electric cars. There are probably those who disagree that the electric car also has its environmental situations with respect to batteries, how they are produced and others, but the truth is that for now the amount of emissions into the atmosphere would be decreasing and I think that would be very important” added Muñoz Berzunza, who was a delegate of Profepa and Semarnat, as well as Secretary of the Environment in Quintana Roo.

For his part, José Luis Ramírez called on his fellow carriers in the country to join the organization, which already has more than 250,000 fully registered members in the country, “to join us, to go to these forums that we are doing through the MNT, to generate a great national movement that helps improve the conditions in which we provide the service and those of those who do it”.