The NBA Finals kicks off with the Black Eight and the Heat taking on the gold nuggets

Game 1 of the NBA Finals kicks off tomorrow morning (02/06 08:30 Hong Kong time). After the Heat eliminated the favorite Celtics in the “Tie-break” of the East Coast Finals, they will continue to write their “Nuggets” without stopping. Black Eight Legend”.

After the New Yorkers in 1999, another Heat team that broke into the finals as the No. 8 seed. Of course, it is expected to break through the track record of being runner-up in the New Yorkers Finals that year and become the first No. 8 seed champion in league history. In the last round of the “Eastern Finals” series, except for the chief star Jimmy Butler who showed a “big heart” to support the team; others such as Gabby Vinson, Kalibi Martin and Duncan Robinson , They all performed well in turn. If this series wants to defeat the gold nuggets, the generals must do their homework. However, whether the star center Eddie Bayo can check and balance the Nugget center Nikloa Jokic is another key point. The heat coach Spurscha, who has led the team to the finals for the sixth time in history, will also be transferred on the spot. It will be the key to Bo’s upset.

Although underestimated by the outside world, coach Spuscha is determined to create a miracle: “Because we were defeated by the Celtics in the “Eastern Finals tiebreaker” last year, we have always remembered it and it has become the driving force for us to move forward this season. We have A group of players who love a challenge and will fight for dignity wherever they face any opponent.”

The coach is worried that too much rest will affect performance

On the other hand, the Golden Nuggets, who entered the playoff finals for the first time in 46 years, coach Michael Malone once revealed that he would worry about the impact of the team’s truce after sweeping the Lakers 4-0 in the Western Conference Finals. The rhythm: “For me, the most concerned is the rhythm. We used to play continuously; but suddenly there are as many as 8, 9, 10 days of rest. I just hope everyone can adapt.” Ma Long emphasized that don’t think about the opponent. “Old Eight” doesn’t think this round of the series will be easy.

However, the gold nugget who is waiting for work has the strongest weapon in today’s championship – Zujie. The Serbian center has achieved 8 triple-doubles in this playoffs. The previous opponents, whether it is the Timberwolves, the Suns or the Lakers, have not yet achieved. Can find a way to suppress this kid; plus Semarmeli and Ailang Gordon are also difficult to deal with, so all walks of life are generally optimistic about the gold nuggets, and this game can be a victory.

The finals adopted the “2-2-1-1-1” competition system. The Nuggets played at home twice first, relying on the support of the past 3 years and 6 regular season matches. No wonder even the big data website “FiveThirtyEight” also comprehensive Good nugget, sticking to them has a 68% chance of winning the bid, which is much higher than the Heat’s 32%.

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