The neck was cut and the body was stabbed; The execution of Nayera’s killer ‘live’ in Egypt?- Manorama News

About 8 million Egyptian women A survey published in 2015 found that people are victims of violence at home by partners, relatives or strangers in public places. Girls are stabbed to death in the middle of the street in Egypt even for refusing love. Get someone to videotape it. It is spreading on social media… Egypt has seen this brutality recently. Nayera Ashraf, a student, was brutally murdered recently. The court has now asked for an amendment to the law to telecast the execution of the accused Muhammad Adil, who was arrested in the case. The Criminal Court in Mansoura has asked the Egyptian Parliament to amend the Penal Code. The court’s view is that as part of preventing frequent femicides, live telecast of executions should be ensured as a warning. In a letter to Parliament, the court said that the punishment for those who treat innocent girls as playthings should be an example and those who think this way about women should be scared. By doing this, the objective of preventing the killing of women can be achieved. The court also stated that they want the government and private TV channels to telecast the execution of Nayera’s killer live. The incident also sparked a debate over the death penalty in Egypt. Why is every execution such a big deal in Egypt? Who is Nayera Ashraf? Why Muhammad Adil Nayera was killed?