The network made laugh the VAZ-2104 Zhigabus presented

The most interesting is the fact that this "brainchild" rides.

In one of the thematic publicly published photos of the unusual VAZ-2104, which in its style resembles a bus. The network made such a performance of the domestic car, and subscribers immediately gave it the name "Gigabus".

Judging by the photo presented, the car has a welded structure, the basis of which is the VAZ-2104, and the upper part resembles the likeness of a small-sized bus with a large windshield. Side windows were also increased in size and acquired a more elongated shape.

The true idea of ​​the author on the transformation of the "Lada" remains unknown, but many of the subscribers of the public were pleased with this performance. “This is a masterpiece”, “Zhigutobus”, “Zhiguli-minibus”, “There is something in it”, “Is that a greenhouse?” – comment on the network users.

The only question in this creation remains how the engine works and whether exhaust gases enter the cabin, since the hood of the VAZ-2104 began to be located in the cabin.

It is worth noting that such tuning of domestic cars is widespread among motorists. Many people think that just sending your car “to rest” is rather boring and prefer to create a car and a masterpiece, giving free rein to imagination.

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