The network rated the all-terrain vehicle ZIL-49061 “Blue Bird”

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A unique Russian all-terrain vehicle called “Blue Bird”, released in the amount of 24 pieces.

This car is a 1985 model year, which is in excellent technical condition. Sealed fiberglass body on an aluminum frame. The machine consists of a crew cabin and a separate cabin with 7 seats and a fiberglass hood.

Inside the ZIL-49061 installed gasoline engine ZIL-130 with a capacity of 150 liters. with., which is located behind the driver’s cab and is paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The speed on the highway is 75 km / h, and on the water 10 km / h. The 6-wheel drive is provided by a system of driveshafts and final drives. The wheels 1 and 3 axles are steered, they are lubricated with a centralized pressure control system. The steering system rotates the wheels late, relative to the wheels of the first axle. There are also disc brakes.

It is possible to get into the ZIL-49061 cabin only through two sunroofs; these hatches can be reached by folding stairs. With the passenger compartment easier, the usual rear door with a ladder or through the hatch on the front wall. The car’s carrying capacity is 3.5 tons, and the gross weight with all permissible payload is 11.8 tons.

590 mm ground clearance, wheels with large-diameter tires, short body kits and independent torsion bar suspension help the three-axle four-wheel drive vehicle move on off-road and water. To navigate through the water, the Blue Bird has two propellers that stand under the stern of the hull.

“My toy turns out to exist in real life”, “Get in this car and drive back to the USSR on it”, “All-terrain vehicle, of which there are not many,” such users leave comments on the network.



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