The networks exploded when an alleged deception of the Challenge was revealed

If you haven’t noticed the controversy, We told you that the networks exploded when an alleged deception of the Challenge.

Caracol’s reality show is one of the most watched productions by Colombian viewers.

And according to figures provided by Kantar Ibope Media, it is usually the most watched every night.

Therefore, many viewers, in addition to sticking to the small screen to follow the participants and the tests, are also very aware of social networks to read the comments of other fans.

Thus it was that several noticed a video of a netizen, who referred to an alleged deception of the reality show.

Everything happened after a test in which some participants had to carry a target that, according to the brand that it had, weighed 35 kilos.

According to the user, who is identified on TikTok as yizuz_91, despite the weight, the contestants moved as if they were not wearing anything.

Also, he did a demonstration, making his partner move with the same weight, and it took a lot of work.

For this reason, for this Internet user, the marked weight was not the real one, implying that it was a reality lie.

The comments after this were immediate, and many viewers agreed with him and complained about the production.

And on the other hand, there were also viewers who assured that perhaps it was an error in the marking of the target, which weighed not 35 kilos, but 3.5 kilos.

The images that have several talking can be seen below:

The networks exploded when an alleged deception of the Challenge

The Challenge It is broadcast from Monday to Friday at eight o’clock at night.

This year the recordings were made in Colombia, exactly in Tobia, Cundinamarca.

There a kind of citadel was created in which participants from different parts of the country were divided into four teams: Alpha, Gamma, Beta and Omega.

However, it should be mentioned that Gamma disappeared after a captains competition.