The new Alsatian senators already in Paris

The Right again becomes the majority in the Senate, the left saves the furniture and the National Front arrives. So much for national photography. In Alsace, 9 senators, the Alsatian majority still largely in the lead. Some new faces arrived today at the Luxembourg Palace.

Two socialists, one in each department and the UMP deprived of a grand slam in favor of the centrists of the UDI, with in particular Claude Kern, mayor of Griesheim, who entered the Luxembourg Palace.

The inaugural session of the new senate will be held on Wednesday, on the benches of the hemicycle, 9 Alsatian senators. Among the 4 newcomers, 3 wanted to go to the Luxembourg Palace today. Guy-Dominique Kennel, also president of the Bas-Rhin General Council, is taking his bearings, guided by the outgoing Francis Grignon.

The centrist Claude Kern, also discovers the golds of the Republic. But assures that he does not forget his mandate as mayor of Gries. For the mayor of Illkirch-Graffenstaden, work on the program too. The socialist Jacques Bigot is already working on the big files in the Senate.

Fourth newly elected Alsatian senator, Haut-Rhinois René Danesi will travel to Paris tomorrow. On Wednesday, the senators will enter the heart of the debates, with the election of their president.

Report: Feix Carine, Fraize Grégory and Dillenseger Sylvie. Interviews: – Palais du Luxembourg – Paris (75) – Guy-Dominique Kennel, Senator (UMP) of Bas-Rhin – Claude Kern, Senator (UDI) of Bas-Rhin – Jacques Bigot, Senator (PS) of Bas-Rhin

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