The new and revived VAZ-2105 “Five” 2024 is presented in a completely different form

Soon AvtoVAZ will be forced to solve a rather serious problem: how to expand its model range without creating internal competition. It will arise due to the fact that the company plans to launch the production of a sufficiently large number of Chinese cars at three car plants: in Tolyatti, Izhevsk and the Leningrad Region. Internal competition may arise because AvtoVAZ will have to confine itself to assembling only relatively cheap cars. Dear Ladas in Russia will not be bought.

In this regard, AvtoVAZ, apparently, will have to create non-standard cars that will be focused on a relatively narrow audience of buyers. One of these machines may be the new VAZ-2105 “Five” 2024, the renderings of which were published by a domestic designer. The return of the Soviet name has a certain meaning, since this model was very popular in the past. Even today, the “Five” is still found on sale in the secondary market. In addition, this model is regularly tuned.

However, the new “Five” will not resemble its predecessor in any way. Most likely, it will be one of the cars designed just for drivers of a particular type. More precisely, the new “Five” will be positioned as a youth sedan. As a prototype in the development of the presented car can be taken MG 5 Scorpio. This British model was created SAIC, but it is sold in many countries around the world. Therefore, neither MG nor the Chinese company will be able to openly enter the Russian market. At the same time, the products of the British brand will definitely be popular in our country, as it offers high-quality and reliable cars at a low price.

The complete unification of the VAZ-2105 Pyaterka 2024 with the MG 5 Scorpio will lead to the fact that the Russian novelty will be equipped with a 181-horsepower 1.5-liter turbo engine and a 7-speed robot. The sedan will be based on fully independent suspensions, providing excellent stability for its class at high speeds.

How much the new Five will be priced at is still unknown. The British prototype in China is sold for the equivalent of 1.1 million rubles. Considering that Lada X-cross 5 in relation to its prototype FAW Bestune T77 has risen in price by about 2 times, it is easy to assume that a little more than two million rubles will be requested for the new Five.

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Author: Fedor Averiev

2023-06-04 01:01:20

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