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A renewal of the Apple TV is already needed, and the rumors have been telling us about it. We are talking about the Apple TV 6, which would come with one of the best Apple processors, the Apple A12X Bionic (yes, the same as that of the new generation iPad Pro). This Apple TV would be presented in Spain in September according to the latest rumors.

According to some people leakers, Apple would prepare its new generation Apple TV to be presented in September this year, along with the iPhone 12. Nothing is known about whether Apple would renew the design of the device, somewhat implausible, but it is known that it would be updated with the improvements. of necessary hardware that many users demand.

This Apple A12X would have 2 functions: allow the Apple TV to be able to broadcast 4K content without messing up and make use of Apple Arcade, the Cupertino video game service.

The new Apple TV will arrive soon

According to the leakers who have uncovered the rumor, the new Apple TV would come with new storage options, with the A12X Bionic processor and that the device is practically ready. It will arrive in September and will be part of an event which will be considered “massive”.

In fact, these leakers They already talk about the first MacBook with ARM versions, that is, their first computers leaving Intel behind and testing their own processors, as well as an iMac with a renewed design.

A few weeks ago Jon Prosser, reputed leaker of the Chanel Front Page Tech gave data from it. It will come in 2 memory configurations: 64 and 128 GB, and there are even rumors that point to the existence of a controller that would emulate that of the Nvidia Shield.

Apple Arcade and more

In addition to playing Apple TV + content, there are rumors that this device would be ideal for jugar a Apple Arcade. You could add a PS4, Xbox or Apple-owned controller, and since there are even rumors of a joint subscription, we could see a bundle with Apple Arcade and Apple TV + all in one package.

The iPad is already a great platform to get all the performance out of games from Apple’s catalog, but without a doubt the possibility of playing from our television is very tempting. These are just rumors, so we will have to wait to see what happens to them.


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