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The new BMW 2 Series unveiled soon

by archyw

The Festival of Speed ​​begins to unveil its “production models” program. After Lotus or Genesis, it is BMW’s turn to confirm the presence of a great novelty. The Bavarian manufacturer will unveil the new Series 2 coupé on the other side of the Channel, on a stand dedicated to the brand.

The car uses the modular platform of the latest 3 Series / 4 Series, but in an obviously more compact format. The rear wheels should remain driving (and potentially on their own, which would exclude the xDrive transmission, unlike the M3 and M4), and it may well be that BMW leaves the choice of gearbox, mechanical or automatic. The only certainty about the new M2 concerns the engine, which will be the S58 block of the M3 and M4, obviously deflated so as not to cannibalize the sales of the upper segment.

The rest of the classic 2 Series range will rely on 4-cylinder engines, in propulsion but also, certainly, in xDrive. The production of the new Series 2 should not begin for a few months, and for the new M2, it will be necessary to be even more patient: its entry into the factory would not be expected before the end of 2022.

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