The new Cité de la sécurité sociale opens its doors this Monday in Luxembourg

The new social security headquarters is located at 4 rue Mercier in Luxembourg City.

The Social Insurance Office, located at 125 route d’Esch in Hollerich, is over: from Monday, users will have to go to the new Cité de la sécurité sociale, in the Gare district.

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The National Health Fund (CNS), the Common Social Security Center (CCSS), the Social Security Medical Control (CMSS), the Dependency Insurance Assessment and Control Administration (AEC) and the Association d’assurance accident (AAA) will be grouped together at rue Mercier 4 in Luxembourg City.

A second building

The new Cité will have an area of ​​37,333 m², spread over ten floors and four basements, with 18 ticket offices and a waiting room with 220 places. In a second step, the Cité de la sécurité sociale will house, in the medium term, a second building which will house the National Pension Insurance Fund (CNAP), the Fund for the Future of Children (CAE) and the Common Compensation Fund the general pension scheme (FDC). The aim is to bring “all social security institutions” together in one place. The start of work is scheduled for fall 2023.

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2023-06-03 16:34:26

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