The new DS 4 is coming to the Czech market. It attracts French know-how and a wide range of engines

Today, the new DS 4 officially began to be sold on the Czech market. You can buy a premium hatchback inspired by the world of crossovers with a petrol and diesel engine or as a plug-in hybrid.

The French premium brand DS is returning to the compact hatchback segment in European markets after years. The DS 4 model comes on the scene again, four years after the first generation, originally sold as the Citroën DS4, ended in 2018. During that time, however, a lot has changed in the class, to which the new DS 4 responds.

New definition of hatchback

It is already known in the design itself. This is not a stylistic DS language, which in its current form relies more on sharp features, but the concept of the car itself, with a stronger inspiration from the world of SUVs. The carmaker itself is talking about redefining the standard of a compact hatchback, which specifically means an increased body structure and some stylistic elements, further emphasized in the Cross version, with exposed plastics in the lower part of the body or roof rails.

With a length of 4,400 mm, the DS 4 continues to fit into the traditional compact hatchbacks, but the 1,470 mm height is 30 mm more than the Mercedes A-Class. It should be emphasized, however, that the new DS 4 within the category of elevated construction.

But new trends are above all seen inside. The predecessor was often criticized for its interior being very similar to the then Citroën C4 with the same technical basis, so the novelty bet on a completely unique solution.

And the interior of the new DS 4 is very original. It returns to the concept with a built-in multimedia system display in the dashboard, it is not as free-standing as in other cars today. In addition, it is complemented by another touch screen, in the center tunnel, to control the vehicle’s functions. Its location was made possible by the fact that the DS 4 will offer exclusively an automatic transmission. The compact selector thus frees up space for storage space in these places, which would not be possible with the gear lever.

The specialty is also the hidden seams of the stitching of the leather upholstery or the lining of the cabin – the ash decor is really made of wood, the structured surfaces are based on the work of engraving masters. Hidden central ventilation vents may also surprise.

At the same time, the carmaker itself talks about the use of the best French know-how, whether in terms of processing, customer care or technology. This is exactly what the new DS 4 has to offer, so the novelty wants to underline its luxurious character. In addition to today’s common elements such as blind spot monitoring or Matrix LED headlights, there are also less seen elements in the segment.

The head-up display projects information directly on the windshield, and there is also night vision alerting pedestrians and animals to a distance of 200 meters in front of the vehicle. The optional Active Scan Comfort chassis with electronic dampers also uses data from the front camera, so when the Comfort mode is switched on, the system “reads” the road surface in front of it and adjusts the suspension settings accordingly.

After all, the technical basis itself differs from the mainstream models of the Stellantis Group. The DS 4 thus uses the same EMP2 platform of the new generation as today’s Peugeot 308, which is signed on the same wheelbase of 2,675 mm, but the mounting of the suspension arms is different. In addition, the chassis uses aluminum components instead of sheet metal. By the way, the DS 4, with a width of 1,866 mm, is also 14 mm wider than the 308.

An electric car will also come

The attraction of the new DS 4 can still be the wide range of available engines. Primarily gasoline engines play a role, the three-cylinder 1.2 PureTech (96 kW) is complemented by the four-cylinder 1.6 PureTech in two power versions with 133 kW and 165 kW. Turbodiesel 1.5 BlueHDi (96 kW) is then to attract customers who run long distances regularly. And in the spirit of today, there is also a plug-in hybrid, with a combined output of 165 kW. As already mentioned, all versions rely on an eight-speed automaton, the manual for DS 4 will not even be offered.

In 2024, a purely electric version will also arrive on the market. This will be the first production model of the Stellantis Group, of which the DS is a part today, built on the foundations of the new STLA Medium platform adapted for electric propulsion. The carmaker has not yet revealed whether a different basis will also mean a modified appearance. But the new architecture promises a range of up to 700 km on a single charge.

The year 2024 is also the date when the DS should focus purely on electrified cars, electric cars and hybrids. However, what this means in the case of DS 4 mentioned today is not clear. In any case, maintaining the plug-in hybrid is certain, existing internal combustion engines could then replace mild hybrids, as is speculated. According to behind-the-scenes reports, Stellantis is working, for example, on the mildhybrid three-cylinder 1.2 PureTech, which would be suitable for the DS 4. Let’s be surprised how it will be.

Also a wide range of versions

However, the offer of individual versions is also varied, as the price list includes eight levels of equipment. For orientation, let us emphasize that there are three basic models – the default DS 4, the sporty DS 4 Performance Line and, conversely, the DS 4 Cross inspired by the SUV world.

This results in four stages of the initial model (Bastile, Bastile +, Trocadero and Rivoli) and two trim levels from the Performance Line and Cross models. It should be noted that these derivatives differ mainly in their style. The cross-evoking SUV thus does not have a raised or reinforced chassis, but “only” optical elements in the SUV style. However, it does not lack Advanced Traction Control, which allows you to change the electronics settings according to the type of road surface under the wheels.

Representatives of the Czech representation expect that the greatest interest will be in the best-equipped pieces, ie the Trocadero and Rivoli versions. This means a lot of rich equipment, including 19 “wheels, online navigation, extended head-up display (Trocadero) or even Matrix LED headlights, leather upholstery and blind spot monitoring (Rivoli). In the case of 1.6 PureTech (133 kW), such a model will cost CZK 940,000 and CZK 1,030,000, respectively.

DS believes that the new four will become an important part of the offer, even in the Czech market, where it should help further sales growth. Last year, 140 DS pieces were registered with us, 50% more than a year earlier, and the brand would like to continue this growth. Specifically for DS 4, the goal this year is to register about 60 of its pieces. This also suggests that DS remains an alternative in our country. But that can be an advantage today. The brand emphasizes that due to the lower volume of production, it does not have to deal with the shortage of production components like some competitors, so the production runs according to plan.

DS 4: Technical data and Czech prices
Motor1.2 PureTech1.6 PureTech1.6 PureTech1.5 BlueHDiE-Tense
Displacement [cm3]11991598159814991598
Cylinders / valves3/44/44/44/44/4
Max. performance [kW/min]96/5500133/5500165/550096/3750165
Toch. moment [N.m/min]230/1750250/1650300/1900300/1750360
Max. speed [km/h]210230235203233
Acceleration 0-100 km / h [s]not specified8,07,910,97,7
Consumption [l/100 km]5,9-6,06,5-6,76,6-6,94,8-4,91,3-1,4
Operating weight [kg]13531420141914141653
Bastille dinner [Kč]720.000
Bastille + dinner [Kč]745.000795.000
Cena Performance Line [Kč]835.000915.000885.0001.115.000
Cena Performance Line+ [Kč]925.0001.005.0001.055.000975.0001.205.000
Trocadero Dinner [Kč]860.000940.000910.0001.140.000
Trocadero Cross dinner [Kč]880.000960.000930.0001.160.000
Price Rivoli [Kč]950.0001.030.0001.080.0001.000.0001.230.000
Price Rivoli Cross [Kč]970.0001.050.0001.100.0001.020.0001.250.000