The new Epson EB-L200S and EB-700 series laser projectors for classrooms and offices.

Epson Complete line-up of projector products in Thailand The EB-L200S and EB-700 series ultra-short throw laser projectors are launched for the new smart classroom and office. Holds the highlight that the projected images are sharp, fresh, real, lively Ready to use for 20,000 hours without maintenance.

The EB-L200S and EB-700 series use 3LCD technology developed by Epson. Which is characterized by precision and quality of color Provides three times brighter light and a wider color gamut compared to DLP 1 chip projectors, without any rainbow effect or rainbow effect on the projected images. And, as with all Epson laser projectors, both the EB-L200S and EB-700 offer a long service life of 20,000 hours compared to lamp projectors. Help users save more money.

New products from both series The EB-L200SX, EB-L200SW, EB-735Fi, EB-725Wi, EB-735F and EB-725W models feature brightness of 3,600 and 4,000 lumens, and resolutions for both XGA, WXGA and Full HD laser projectors from the two series. They are flexible, versatile and can create a fully engaging learning environment for students. Whether it is used with the Epson interactive pen. Finger touch controls It supports a variety of connection methods including Wi-Fi, iProjection and Miracast, as well as a screen sharing function that allows teachers to teach students from multiple classrooms at the same time. Which these qualities help to meet the needs of new-normal learning That is not limited to a single location and requires social spacing



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